Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm healing nicely. Yet, another transition appears.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and well wishes.  I am healing very well, and am grateful!

Mark and I got news yesterday - our dear friends and landlords aren't able to afford living here either.  They are packing up and selling this beautiful house.  We will have to move out by May 1.  Everyone is sad, but it is part of life and the economy - we live close enough to the SF Bay Area where our affordable little houses in the redwoods are now very high in value, and we're being priced out of even these little houses.  A place I used to rent in San Francisco in the 1990s for $550/month is now going for $3000/month.  Easily taken, too.

So, we are planning to move back up to Nevada City, where my family lives and the rent is still affordable.  It is very sad, leaving these redwoods.  We have lived here for 12 years.  But it's not our fight, unfortunately.

So I might be a little quiet for a while, but it's only because we are figuring out the transition - but you never know, sometimes people say they'll be quiet and then they can't shut up ;)

Love you guys.  Glad you're coming with me. :)



  1. Sad to hear you have to move out from the redwoods :( But you know, everything happens for a reason, and I believe that this change will bring you something new and great! All best and stay in touch! xox

  2. Thank you sweet Jana. I will miss my redwoods, but will be trading them for tall mountain pines and snow, and family very close by. :) It is very sad, but you are right - change is the name of this year for us, we are calling it the year of transition ;)

    I won't leave you and all my dear friends, however! Just may not be creating as much as I want to while preparing for the move. The worst part? Not knowing where we we will be yet - I am not a fan of house hunting. XOXOXOXO Juliette

  3. Glad to hear you're feeling better! You don't sound too happy about moving...but it sounds exciting to me. :)

    1. Lela! I am and I'm not happy about moving. You are right - it's a new adventure, and I love those. But when it's not really our choice (nor our landlords) for moving, it kinda sours the excitement a little bit. I love these redwoods, and the art I've made and the friends too. They won't leave my heart, but I wasn't really ready to leave them physically.