Thursday, January 30, 2014

Good Crazy Busy.

So in between me working at the bench (SO GOOD to be back!!!), I've had to order a new computer (It's coming mid-February from Dell, this one, as much as I love it is on its last legs), gave my first presentation (Campbell Artists' Guild, lecture/demo), and had a small sickness relapse.

Then, I'm back at the bench.  There is a big sale this Saturday that I'm getting ready for.  I got into SF Etsy, which hopefully will give me more chances to show in San Francisco (my big goal this year).  We are having a 40% off everything in our shops.  Exciting but crazy busy!  Here are some of the pieces going into the shop:

Lots of gorgeous bronze work from the ultra talented Lela Bouse McCracken, bravo!!!!  Someday I want to do bronze clay like she does.

Okay, time for dinner.  XOXO Juliette


  1. made them look good! It's so fun seeing how people use my components. :) That fire painted copper looks awesome!

    1. Thanks, Lela! Once I got that beautiful moon piece in front of a big piece of copper, there was no question. You know when you are 'trying' versus when it just comes natural? That was a natural piece. xoxoxoxo