Thursday, January 30, 2014

Good Crazy Busy.

So in between me working at the bench (SO GOOD to be back!!!), I've had to order a new computer (It's coming mid-February from Dell, this one, as much as I love it is on its last legs), gave my first presentation (Campbell Artists' Guild, lecture/demo), and had a small sickness relapse.

Then, I'm back at the bench.  There is a big sale this Saturday that I'm getting ready for.  I got into SF Etsy, which hopefully will give me more chances to show in San Francisco (my big goal this year).  We are having a 40% off everything in our shops.  Exciting but crazy busy!  Here are some of the pieces going into the shop:

Lots of gorgeous bronze work from the ultra talented Lela Bouse McCracken, bravo!!!!  Someday I want to do bronze clay like she does.

Okay, time for dinner.  XOXO Juliette

Saturday, January 18, 2014


I'm on the cover of the January 2014 issue of The Beading Glass!  Thanks, Leah - you're sneaky!  (she didn't tell me I made the cover)

Click here to see the issue.  It's a good one, with an article on Esfera and Leah herself.  Yay, this really made my day!

Friday, January 17, 2014

They've been sitting for a few weeks until this afternoon.

Then, they just yelled to be finished.  I still have to paint the sides and varnish them, but here they are.  Just please forgive the lighting, these aren't professional or anything, they're "I'm done and want to record the effort" pictures. ;)

0. Fool's Journey. Canvas, paint, wax, paper, bone, jasper, pyrite, ceramics. 8x10"

Voyage. Wood, polymer, bone, hand-dyed cotton, wax, paint, drywall paste, sheep's wool, copper, paper. 6x6"

Love, Juliette

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Still working.

on getting better, that is.  *sigh*  I posted this in my FB today:

After my infusion being pushed back a second time, we are aiming for this coming Wednesday. Really hoping I can keep that appointment, as I'm starting to feel the absence The reason for the delay is that I'm *still* sick with this crud/plague/flu. Little by little though, am feeling better. Now if I can just get some pieces finished for the first show of the year I would be happy.  Luckily there are some jewelry pieces already made that I can put in the show, but really wanted to make some new ones for it. Am working on being reasonable about what I can and can't do, but it's hard sometimes.

To which Darlene and Kim gave me some great advice:

Kim:  you need to feel better to feel better
Darlene:   gosh, i hope so too! all better for the better!

It's so great and so easy to receive good advice.  I need to put it into practice.  Sometimes it feels like the world is passing me by.  Selfish feelings, I suppose.  But this blog helps me release some of the tension and I appreciate you for reading it.

Love, Juliette

Adding a picture of this piece because it reminds me of the great times I'll have doing more copper work. I just have to #($#)*$)#* get better first.  :D


Sunday, January 5, 2014

The first few crazy nutty days.

I love Tarot.  I've been studying and reading it since 1988, and have a tradition of drawing a card at Midnight on New Year's Eve/Day.  This year I choose to share my card here, as I asked 'What is my focus for my art this year?'  Here's the card (I use primarily the Thoth deck):

It's  fantastic card to draw when thinking about artistic endeavors, that's for sure.  Especially since I felt myself drawn to focusing more on earthly, natural materials (copper and clay, mainly), and to learning more about color.  This card tells me to let go and play, to not start with any preconceived notions, and to open my eyes, ears and heart to all that the universe has to tell me. 

Cosmos, I'm listening!

I've started out with a mixed media canvas that isn't ready yet, because WHOOHOO, I got a helluva a chest cold from New Year's Eve.  Still fighting it and am trying to get over it quickly as there is a LOT to do. 

Wait, Cosmos, I said I'm listening, but maybe I wasn't really.  Rereading that last few sentences tells me that I"m not.

Okay, backing up to rest, heal and listen some more.

Love you all! xoxo Juliette