Monday, December 30, 2013

Getting ready for the New Year.

I decided to do something reckless and daring.  I'm having a 'flash' sale - everything is 40% off.  There are only 19 items left in the store right now.  If you think of it, it would be wonderful if you passed along the word!  It's only through midnight PST on January 1, 2014.  Here's the link.

I'm definitely getting ready for the New Year - loving where things are headed artistically, but wanting to clear away some of the older items, if you know what I mean.

We are headed down to the SF area for New Year's, so I wish you all a very happy New Year, and can't wait to see and talk to you again!

Lots of love,

oh, and PS - a great little note from one of my favorite people and authors:

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy Holidays :)

Sometimes this year makes me feel very down and sad, and I used to think I had SAD, but this year I'm feeling a bit different so am thinking part of it has been mindset.

Many artistic breakthroughs, lessons learned, and goals set for next year.  These thoughts have been what has propelled me through so far, and I'm confident that this Holiday season is going to remain joyful! 

Last weekend, I showed at the Triton Museum of Art's Holiday show.  It was wonderful!!!!

my table at the museum.

one of several 'spirit dolls'.  Quickly becoming something I'm making a lot of!

Honestly, this is where the 'face jewelry' started.  It's all Petra's fault!  :D  These are my Mermaid earrings.

Another 'spirit doll.'  I will take pictures of the latest pieces, which are mostly faces and have graduated onto mixed media.  

I feel like I'm growing up as a jewelry designer, and it feels wonderful!  Many pieces are emerging, I have a show mid-January and have been asked to teach/demo at an Artists' Guild in Campbell, California. 

Lots of love and hopes you're all doing well!
Love, Juliette