Saturday, November 9, 2013

More work done. Feeling better! Lots of 'face' jewelry this time!

So this plague like bug is finally exiting the building.  I feel better, have slept a bit better, and all is looking clearer.  Now, if I could just be ready for these holiday shows and feel good about them!

 These are some of the pieces I've been working on, in between sketching and painting.  I've found that painting again has really opened up the foggy brain and I'm thinking and seeing in more color palettes.  Still using the familiar earthy tones, but I've added silver tones which has been nice.  Might even try some whites!

This last set of earrings is my favorite.  The faces got a very luminous-y, regal look to them and while they don't show too well here, they also have some blue undertones.  All in all, I've been pleased.

I've also been creating more at night.  Another sign of changing times for me?  (meaning I don't work at anything else but art, which is just what I want but it's still a shock, heh)  Maybe.  The changing light is a challenge sometimes (we have skylights so sometimes the redwoods will filter out the sun and sometimes it's full on sunlight), and night time keeps the changing light to a minimum/eradicates it.  Even though that means it's artificial light. 

Hoping you're all having a good weekend, xoxo Juliette


  1. Over in the UK it's now getting dark around 4 o'clock so photographing is becoming a real problem. Love those zen like moon faces.

    1. It's starting to get dark here about 5ish, and a photographer friend of mine suggested I try outside in the mornings - the light could be much better! So I'm going to try that for a while and see how it works. :) The faces really made me happy, I enjoy putting them here and there in pieces! xoxo

  2. Best of luck with your holiday shows. These faces should be a hit !

  3. Thanks so much! I've really enjoyed how the faces evolve as they are being painted, put into a piece, etc. Things with eyes, if that makes sense! Much more personal. ;) xoxo