Monday, September 2, 2013

Painting and Printmaking

I found myself in a 'rut' of sorts with my jewelry.  Too many ideas, not enough cohesion. 

So, after we came back from camping in Big Sur (last week!!), I started doing some painting and printmaking again.  I haven't really done any in about a year and a half, and it feels like the rut is lifting.  Here are two I did today:

Forgive me, they are a little blurry but these are the best ones of the lot I took. 

Hope you're having a great Monday, or Labor Day if you're in the States!
xoxo Juliette


  1. Hey there, I love seeing your printmaking pieces. That was how I resumed my art journey many years ago. Something so satisfying and vibrant with the technique. I can see your spirit in these pieces and it would be easy to see them translate into the copper and enamel that you do. many thanks for your support this past week Juliette. Xoxo Kim

  2. Kim!! Thanks so much for your comments. You definitely *got* what I was aiming for, some further inspiration for metalwork. But it's been really fun getting back into things with paint! I think I'll continue that.

    I really loved learning about your family, and the Patriarch especially. Please know I'm always here if you need anything, if only an ear/eye to listen/read. Lots and lots of love, Juliette