Thursday, September 26, 2013

Just thinking aloud.

Finished my gallery sitting for the day, and am home with a studio space full of copper, paint, paper, prints needing finishing, and pretty much no space.  Ugh!  Must. Clean. Up.

Anyway, the other night I was researching some new acrylic techniques and got sucked into Youtube videos.  It's insane how much time you can spend there, just looking and looking...and looking....

Anyway I found what I was looking for, but then I started seeing all these videos on art journalling.  It's fun to see someone else's process, that's for sure!

(how do I insert videos, I was going to put some here....poop)

But one of the things I kept asking myself was, do these journals serve a purpose other than to paint into a journal?  Meaning, do they get looked at again, or do they get shut away?  I suppose they are just like any artist's notebooks - you work on them for pure pleasure, inspiration, etc.

I love some of these videos, but some of them look like blatant advertisements for one of the big chain art stores!

Anyway, got a package from Petra of Scorched Earth today (Happy Day!!!), so am off to play.  :)

xoxo Juliette


  1. Replies
    1. oh man - it hasn't stopped! :) She spoils us, our Petra. <3

  2. I've wondered the same thing about the art journals. Are they art or just techniques being tried out by people that get paid to sell rubber stamps, glitter and such. I've seen entire blogs devoted to them. I just don't get it.
    I love Scorched Earth, too and have a small stash of Petra's beads I've been saving for inspiration, I need to just get them out and make something!

    1. Gretchen, thanks for saying what you said. I mean, inspiration is one thing but when you have to name a complete list of all the doodads, sprays, glitters and goo at the end of every video or page, I can't help but think you're being subsidized. It's a journal, for crying out loud! Those little bits of things don't have to be bought, for one thing. There is plenty of garbage waiting to be recycled for that purpose. Ahhh, I think I'm ranting, sorry about that.

      But Petra? She is a treasure worth keeping. :D