Saturday, July 6, 2013

Otters, the Ocean and Kayaks.

We didn't kayak in the ocean, but in the Elkhorn Slough, which is a University Research Center and protected wildlife reserve.  Absolutely beautiful.  I'd only been once before in a kayak and that was YEARS ago.  So Mark went in behind me (we had two double kayaks), and birthday girl Jennifer and friend Ashley went in the other kayak.


You get out in the salty slough, with sandy banks all around you and long LONG grassy kelp underneath you.  There are pelicans EVERYWHERE.

Then there is the 'land of sleeping seals'.  Haha!  They were all lined up on the bank, sunning themselves in rows.  Like sausages in a row!  The cutest ones were sunning themselves belly up.

But my favorites are the sea otters.  I am self-confessed fanatic of them, to the point where I wish I could be on the research team there.  It's just too much for me to do right now with getting around and such, but my desire is there and I admire those who work with them.

Part of the slough.  Moss Landing, CA.  About 10 miles north of Monterey, CA.

The grasslands on the dunes are protected, and you can see why.  They are gorgeous.  So many layers of color and texture.

You really DO get very close to them!

I like to think they are all waving to me :)  I'm silly that way.

Birthday Girl Jen and Ashley!

yeah, they're cuties.
WOW am I tired.  Almost three hours in the water and the trip back was all against the current!  Hope you all are having a great weekend.  LOTS of jewelry work to do tomorrow, but this was a welcome 'vacation day.'
xoxo J xoxo


  1. Replies
    1. It was!! I can't wait to go back. We'll be in Big Sur next month as well. :)

  2. That looks like loads of fun and relaxation. I love otters too. Nice vacation, now get back to the studio and make some more goodies!

    1. Yes, MA'AM! :D No, really - I seriously have about 20 pieces to finish, including copper that just came out of ammonia baths, as well as polymer on sticks waiting for sanding. And tomorrow? It's goat milk day :D Finally! xoxo J