Friday, July 5, 2013

Heat Wave OVER!

It has been beastly hot for the past 5 days. Today we saw relief.  It's been hard to stay indoors, but that's what I've had to do.  Work has been slow as well, mainly because it's so uncomfortable for me to do anything when it's so hot.

Anyway, a few things happened that are good! I'm going kayaking tomorrow for my friend Jennifer's birthday, WOO!  It is so wonderful to do, especially since there is a good chance I'll see otters, which always makes my year. :)  Taking a little camera!

Also, I'm getting the first gallon of fresh goat milk for the year on Monday!  I make chevre every summer, and am very lucky to have Boulder Creek Goat Farm just around the corner from me.  It makes me miss Provence. This post from a few years back shows some pictures.

Will be back tomorrow with pictures of my day on Elkhorn Slough :)


  1. You can meet otters while kayaking?! Wow! I think I would be alittle bit afraid, they're big, no?
    You must have loved living in Provence, and I agree, the fromage de chèvre is the best there, in Nantes it doesn't have the same taste...

    1. Hello dear Lucie! Well, you can't pet or feed them, but if you aren't loud around them they swim right by you!And yes, some of them are huge!

      I did love living in Provence, honestly much more than in Paris. I think that is because I am not rich ;) Provence taught me so much more about life. I don't know if I tasted fromage de chevre from Nantes, but I only passed through that VERY interesting city. Is that where you are living? I wonder if it has to do with the climate. Here in California, I find that the climate is very much like Provence and the goats, while not fed on blackberries and bushes still give a nice sweet milk. I have much better luck making it in the summer :)