Sunday, July 14, 2013

A vicious beast.

I've been reading a lot of new tutorials lately.  One that was pointed out by Beatnheart, that is just wonderful (by Ginger Davis Allman of Blue Bottle Tree, check out her work also on Facebook).  It has taken me in a few new inspiring directions with polymer, which was something I tried years ago and have always kept it around but hadn't really worked with it seriously in a while.

It's opening up some 'doors of inspiration', but I feel at the moment that I'm still in the 'I'm following a few interesting tutorials' stage, which isn't fulfilling to me.  I realize that it means I've not broken through to bringing my own full voice into the work, and that it will come.

Impatience.  A vicious beast.

These drops are from Jana of Paryb Happy Fish.

These drops are from Petra of Scorched Earth.

These drops are by Jana of Paryb Happy Fish.

These drops are by Petra of Scorched Earth.
Otherwise, components are fire painted copper treated with ammonia, polymer pieces colored with paint, wax and ink.

How's your week been? :)


  1. So you're joining the 'polymer sluts', eh? hehe
    Kim coined that term...not me. lol
    I am too! It's so relaxing for me to play with the clay.

    1. Ha! Yes, it's very relaxing to play with the clay (yes, another polymer slut here!), and it has really opened up my artists' block. I'm finding more and more interest in new shapes and designs. :)