Monday, July 22, 2013

Wow, now that was a good show.

Long and short of it, I sold 4 necklaces and 3 pairs of earrings.  It was crazy seeing all the necklaces going, just crazy! I must be doing something right, plus using some great components that some of my good friends have made ;)

almost kept this one.  It was the first to sell.

This one was really fun to make.  Mainly because after looking at zillions of great new polymer art, it was time to try something of my own. This was the first one, and it sold in two hours :D  I love it, the woman who bought it wanted to wear it with a new black suit she bought.  Since I always thought it would go to an Indiana Jones type of person, I LOVED that I was wrong here. ;)

Okay, time to get new work done.  That was the last of the summer shows, so now it's time to think about Fall and Holiday stuff.  Holy crap, where does the time go?

XOXO Juliette

Monday, July 15, 2013

Yay :)

So while tomorrow is my next infusion (and self-proclaimed rest day as a result), I also am starting a new class with Keith Lo Bue.  Mucho excited.  It's on mobiles, and while I have a life long love for Alexander Calder it was right up my alley.

Plus, I believe it will bring more inspiration for new directions.  I'm very excited!!

xoxo Juliette

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A vicious beast.

I've been reading a lot of new tutorials lately.  One that was pointed out by Beatnheart, that is just wonderful (by Ginger Davis Allman of Blue Bottle Tree, check out her work also on Facebook).  It has taken me in a few new inspiring directions with polymer, which was something I tried years ago and have always kept it around but hadn't really worked with it seriously in a while.

It's opening up some 'doors of inspiration', but I feel at the moment that I'm still in the 'I'm following a few interesting tutorials' stage, which isn't fulfilling to me.  I realize that it means I've not broken through to bringing my own full voice into the work, and that it will come.

Impatience.  A vicious beast.

These drops are from Jana of Paryb Happy Fish.

These drops are from Petra of Scorched Earth.

These drops are by Jana of Paryb Happy Fish.

These drops are by Petra of Scorched Earth.
Otherwise, components are fire painted copper treated with ammonia, polymer pieces colored with paint, wax and ink.

How's your week been? :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Codeine. Ugh.

Was having a good few days getting things done (LOTS of components worked on, ready to put together, lots of copper work, etc.), then yesterday my chest/lungs started hurting.  A few years ago, I caught whooping cough while in the hospital (MS relapse), and it's never fully gone away (they never do, do they?).  Anyway, last night I couldn't stop the coughing and thankfully we saved some of my codeine cough syrup from last fall.  Feeling much better today, but am in a complete druggy haze. :P

Am going to try and wake up a bit and get some work done now!  MUST take pictures, if anything.

xoxo J

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Otters, the Ocean and Kayaks.

We didn't kayak in the ocean, but in the Elkhorn Slough, which is a University Research Center and protected wildlife reserve.  Absolutely beautiful.  I'd only been once before in a kayak and that was YEARS ago.  So Mark went in behind me (we had two double kayaks), and birthday girl Jennifer and friend Ashley went in the other kayak.


You get out in the salty slough, with sandy banks all around you and long LONG grassy kelp underneath you.  There are pelicans EVERYWHERE.

Then there is the 'land of sleeping seals'.  Haha!  They were all lined up on the bank, sunning themselves in rows.  Like sausages in a row!  The cutest ones were sunning themselves belly up.

But my favorites are the sea otters.  I am self-confessed fanatic of them, to the point where I wish I could be on the research team there.  It's just too much for me to do right now with getting around and such, but my desire is there and I admire those who work with them.

Part of the slough.  Moss Landing, CA.  About 10 miles north of Monterey, CA.

The grasslands on the dunes are protected, and you can see why.  They are gorgeous.  So many layers of color and texture.

You really DO get very close to them!

I like to think they are all waving to me :)  I'm silly that way.

Birthday Girl Jen and Ashley!

yeah, they're cuties.
WOW am I tired.  Almost three hours in the water and the trip back was all against the current!  Hope you all are having a great weekend.  LOTS of jewelry work to do tomorrow, but this was a welcome 'vacation day.'
xoxo J xoxo

Friday, July 5, 2013

Heat Wave OVER!

It has been beastly hot for the past 5 days. Today we saw relief.  It's been hard to stay indoors, but that's what I've had to do.  Work has been slow as well, mainly because it's so uncomfortable for me to do anything when it's so hot.

Anyway, a few things happened that are good! I'm going kayaking tomorrow for my friend Jennifer's birthday, WOO!  It is so wonderful to do, especially since there is a good chance I'll see otters, which always makes my year. :)  Taking a little camera!

Also, I'm getting the first gallon of fresh goat milk for the year on Monday!  I make chevre every summer, and am very lucky to have Boulder Creek Goat Farm just around the corner from me.  It makes me miss Provence. This post from a few years back shows some pictures.

Will be back tomorrow with pictures of my day on Elkhorn Slough :)