Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A few more pieces.

I had another good day on Etsy yesterday, and while I am VERY grateful, it's making me scramble to get more pieces ready for June and July.  This is the busiest I've been yet, and it's exciting.

Here are pictures I took today - the sun was a *little* more cooperative. Ha!

These came out so well.  Squares of fire painted copper I then gave an ammonia bath, along with Petra's beautiful ceramic droplets.

These are polymer pieces from Jana of Happy Fish, topped with mini mixed media pieces: copper, paper, ink and wax designs.
Am having trouble with Blogger uploading my photos.  So will stop with these two for now, but it's "Onward!" tomorrow!

Mark started his first day of nursing school today.  I couldn't be more proud of him - to turn his whole life around when he was laid off in 2008 hasn't been easy.  He is an incredible guy.  XO

Have a wonderful rest of the week, loves!


  1. Beautiful colors, my favorite designs yet! I think you really captured them well in these shots. I can just tell you enjoyed making them.
    Congrats to the new student too.

  2. Kim, thanks so much. The top ones are my favorite, and much of that is up to chance because of the ammonia bath :)

    We're off to SF tonight for some fun, to celebrate this new adventure into school!

    (I'm in love with those beads you posted on FB, please let me know when you post more for sale!)