Saturday, June 29, 2013

What a DAY!

Just spent one of the best days of my life yesterday.  Started out leisurely enough, waking and getting dressed and ready to go to San Francisco at a relaxed pace.  Drove down as it was getting beastly hot - by the time I reached San Mateo and my friend Jennifer's house, it was nearing 100, a fairly rare heat for being so close to the Bay.  After a side trip to get some new shoes (after all, when out of the mountains everything is like a metropolis to me.  Funny that, after having lived in huge cities MOST of my life), we went on to ACT and the sold out Neil Gaiman book signing (his last ever).  The theater, four floors of seats (gorgeous old Curran Theater), was sold out and packed.  I didn't think we'd have a chance in hell to meet him.  But once he started reading and talking with us, I didn't care.

The Curran Theater, on a very glorious San Francisco afternoon.
Until - he mentioned that he likes to do signings 'airplane style' - pregnant ladies (I'm not) and disabled people (I am) first.  WOOHOO.

I was fourth in line to meet him, and got his new book signed as well as my old copy of 'Death'.

Surrounded by women.  He wasn't complaining.

The woman in front of me had a VERY rare poster of Sandman.  Neil said, 'I thought I had the only copy of this!'

Signing one of my books.  Thanks, Jennifer, for going with me and for taking these great pictures.
It was all over much too quickly.  We headed back to San Mateo (about 15 minutes south), and peeped in at our good friends Danny and Christopher, who have the most beautiful old Victorian in the middle of town.  They were having a blast in the cooling off evening, and Mark was there with them - we stayed for a while, but honestly were too tired to stay long.  It was back to Jennifer's house to sleep.  That didn't come quickly, though!  I was so happy to finally meet someone I admire so much I kept reliving the day over in my head.

Back up the mountain this morning I'm curled up under a big fan with the computer and a copy of Ocean at the End of the Lane.  It's a good day.

Love, J

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A little side trip, much anticipated.

taken from Wikipedia

I am a complete Neil Gaiman fan.  Have been since my college freshman days. Tomorrow I'm going to see him in person at a book signing for his latest book, 'The Ocean at the End of the Lane.'

This is going to be at S.F.'s ACT theater, a beautiful building.  It's sold out.  He's apparently going to sign every person's book who wants to have their copy signed, plus one other book (from home or purchased there).  I'm bringing something.

Thing is, that's a HUGE theater.  I don't drive well in the dark.  It might not happen (the autograph), and I have to be okay with that.

I'm just so excited to be going :)

xoxo J xoxo

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wonderful show. :)

I've found my 'audience,' or at least one of them - they seem to frequent art museums a lot, and love artisan jewelry.  Kind of like me!  Was so happy and lucky to have sold quite a bit this past Saturday, so have a lot of work to do before the July 20 Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History show.

Here's the set up underneath my  new canopy.  Two tables seemed to really work!  People liked the 'spread out ness' of it all.

The only bad thing?  The cheap canopy broke after this one use.  ARGH.  I mailed the whole thing back yesterday, and we will get one of the heavy duty ones in a week or so.  There's a bit of time before the next show.

I sold a lot of necklaces this time.  Which I'm happy about since I seem to be making more of them these days!  The Tribal one that had Jana's focal on it sold to a very enthusiastic President of the San Jose Art League, who asked if I could demonstrate or teach at one of their meetings - ME!?!?  Sure! :D

I'm happy and ready to keep going.  Hope you're all having a good Monday, and that Kim isn't too hot up there in Alaska !


Monday, June 17, 2013

crazy busy!

It's officially summer fair time.  I had a practice run with the tent today, and found that while I need help setting it up, I can take it down fairly easy by myself.  Whew!  The car is actually packed for Saturday, and it's only Monday!  But it's not a huge amount, which I'm grateful for - jewelry doesn't take up much room.  The tent and table fit in the trunk, and the side table is in the back seat along with the boxes of displays.

Here was me last year outside at a fair at the Mountains Art Center:

On my Grandmother's card table, a very sturdy but SMALL space.
I now have a 10 x 10 tent, and it's big enough for my 6' table and another old wine rack table we have that has height - good enough to add dimension to the space.  plus I have a sign, too - promise to take pictures of everything!

It's infusion day tomorrow, and I'm feeling pretty good!  It's a very good sign, because normally the day before I am dragging like a slug.  But - things are feeling good.  Just crazy busy!

Hoping you have a great week, and I look forward to sharing the adventures of this week with you. xoxo Juliette

Monday, June 10, 2013

holy cow!

Where does the time go?  I must post tomorrow about all the craziness that is life right now.  It's good, but it has made me neglect the blog I love :)

Hope you are all doing well,

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A few more pieces.

I had another good day on Etsy yesterday, and while I am VERY grateful, it's making me scramble to get more pieces ready for June and July.  This is the busiest I've been yet, and it's exciting.

Here are pictures I took today - the sun was a *little* more cooperative. Ha!

These came out so well.  Squares of fire painted copper I then gave an ammonia bath, along with Petra's beautiful ceramic droplets.

These are polymer pieces from Jana of Happy Fish, topped with mini mixed media pieces: copper, paper, ink and wax designs.
Am having trouble with Blogger uploading my photos.  So will stop with these two for now, but it's "Onward!" tomorrow!

Mark started his first day of nursing school today.  I couldn't be more proud of him - to turn his whole life around when he was laid off in 2008 hasn't been easy.  He is an incredible guy.  XO

Have a wonderful rest of the week, loves!