Friday, May 31, 2013

Sun welcome, but makes for crazy photos!

So I am attempting to take pictures of my latest work but today chose a bad time to get it done.  I'll have to get out there either earlier, or later tomorrow.  But here are some shots:

All handmade by me except for those beautiful blue stick beads by Jana of Happy Fish.

Copper, bone, ceramic and iron pyrite on a copper shelf.

Happy Fish's beautiful focals, with my copper work.

Another one of Happy Fish's focals with my copper.  The sun was so bright!!!

Happy Fish danglers, topped with bone beads and Egyptian scarab beads. 
So I had fun today.  :D  So much more work to do to get ready for the shows, but it's coming along!!!

Have a fantastic weekend, friends - XOXO J


  1. There's always a learning curve when it comes to taking pictures when the season changes. I'm just getting the hang of it for spring. Love the little scarab beads!

  2. Direct sun is way too hard to shoot in...try some bright (but completely shaded) natural light. You might like that better. The last pair is my fav.