Sunday, May 19, 2013

More work, with so much more to do!

Ceramic nails by Petra of Scorched Earth, Ceramic beads, Egyptian scarab beads and titanium ear wires.

Polymer horse beads by Kara of Happy Fish, ceramic beads, stainless steel ear wires.

Ceramic scales by Petra of Scorched Earth, polymer faces by me, kuchi bezels, steel.

These are the latest pieces, with much more to come.  I have had a hard few weeks, health and lifewise, but things are evening out and I am excited for the upcoming summer shows!

Missed you all, hope you are well!
xoxo J xoxo


  1. Beautiful earrings!!! I hope things smooth out for you soon with your health and other things.

    Best of luck with your summer shows!!!

    1. Alice, thanks so much :) Things seem to be smoothing themselves out now, for which I'm grateful. Hope you're doing well! XOXO J

  2. Look at you go! Love the new earrings.

    1. Lela! Thanks so much. I've loved looking at your work lately and I'm grateful for your comments :)
      XOXO J