Friday, April 5, 2013

Holy Cow.

I've been away for a bit. Not intentionally, but healthwise, and all that.  I miss posting, and hearing about all that you are doing.

Here's a few things that will be posted tomorrow on Etsy:

Petra ceramics, my copper

petra ceramics and my copper

my Boo, 'Lapis Lazuli', posing in the redwoods  

I've missed you all and don't plan on such a long break in the future! :)
xoxoxoxo Juliette XOXOXO


  1. Juliette! I do hope you are feeling better. How nicely your copper goes with the Petra bits! I espesh like the twisty copper ones. Is that fold forming?
    I know how it feels to be missing the whirl of the bloggy world. Still trying to dip back into it myself.

    1. Kimberly :) I'm feeling much better today. And I really am happy to be using Petra's pieces. I'm hoping to get some of her fish scales, as I think they'll go well with silver!

      Yes, that's fold forming - I wanted to do some smaller fold formed pieces, because every time I do leaves they are HUGE. I love big earrings, but man - even I would have trouble with some of them!

      Welcome back, I've really enjoyed reading about your adventures and seeing your great pictures. :)

  2. hoping you soon feel wonderful, Juliette! I hear you. My foldforming is always really big and I hate to cut it up for some inexplicable reason. Great earrings!

    1. Thanks so much, beautiful :) Thanks for validating the large fold forming. I'm not a dainty jewelry artist, let's just say that much :P Thanks, and lots of love, J.