Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fun with Enamel

It was a polymer clay and enameling day.  VERY good and refreshing for my recent artists' block.

What do YOU do when/if you get an artists' block?  Do you do something completely different, or put everything away for a while?  I found that I was obsessing over the camera, over looking at hundreds of pictures of jewelry, and watching jewelry technique videos on Youtube, and nothing was getting created.

So I took out my polymer clay, and started to mold shapes.  That got me into thinking about color combinations, and I played with those along with pigments and inks.

Then, I got out the enamel.  I had a few pieces of copper ready to work on, so I started layering on the color and a little sgraffito and started up the torch.

That last picture shows my muse.  I got her from a great Etsy sculptor named Daniel.  She sits on my desk whenever I'm working on something.  She reminds me of how GOOD it feels to create.  Plus I like to dance like her ;)  Hah!

Hope you had a great weekend,


  1. When I get artist's block I usually get out the collage papers and play. When I'm blocked while I'm actually at the torch I make spacers or headpins.
    My biggest block is when I intend to set out to get into production mode and then I kind of slide off into just making one of a kind because I don't have the focus to repeat the same design. So in one sense I am getting more creative but just not as productive as far as making sets for selling.
    It was fun seeing your pics on fb but it I love the presentation more on your blog here.

    1. Thanks, Kim. :) FB is still a funny mystery to me, and I mainly stay on to work on 'publicity', but also to keep up with my family. The blog is much more personal, artistically. xoxo

  2. When I need a push, I usually refer to a quote posted on my work table.

    "Inspiration exists but it has to find you working."
    -Pablo Picasso


    1. I LOVE that quote. Thanks for sharing it! :) xoxo