Tuesday, January 29, 2013

still working on photography,

today seems a bit better.  This time, I actually did futz around with the exposures and lighting.  Ir was fun to play with over exposure!  I'm learning SO much from this camera, and from the new light setup (Thanks, Lela!!!!).

But honestly?  I can't wait until I can get good light outside.  Nothing beats that natural light, in my opinion.


  1. Juliette - does your new camera have a White Balance setting? It looks to me like you just need to set the White Balance on the camera to whatever kind of light you're using.

    That's proably one reason that you prefer outside (shaded) light...the camera likes it too. :)

    I'm going to drop you a note on Etsy.

    1. Lela, thank you. It does have a white balance setting, and I'm going to work with it. As you can see, it's learn as I go!

      Really appreciate your comments very much. I'll write back on Etsy. xo Juliette