Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pictures getting better.

So...I tried to set up the damned PVC pipe, and it just would not stay together.  I will try again, but today it was just frustrating.  So I took my original light box, which is a semi-translucent plastic storage box, and laid a white sheet over it for more diffusing.  It did help, but I need to really practice my photography skills.  I thought I was doing alright, until Mark got us this beautiful new camera.  It's a Canon Rebel E05.  Where my little Canon was doing an adequate job, this camera makes everything look a million times clearer and shows me how much more I need to concentrate on focus and lighting.  Anyway,

Copper, sterling silver, steel, and enameled matchsticks by Kimberly of Numosity.

sterling silver.

fire painted copper, rainbow pyrite.

fire painted 'beaded' copper.

Shells from Petra of Scorched Earth, wood fired ceramic beads, steel, sterling silver.

Copper, enamel, ceramic beads, sterling silver.
I'm planning to list these and then take better pictures over the weekend, once I've conquered the PVC set up. 

Hope you're all having a good day!  I'm loving this gentle rain we're having.
xo Juliette


  1. Hey Juliette, if this continues to give you trouble, I have a sheet of light diffusing paper you tape over the window that I would be happy to send you. Might help in a pinch.

  2. Anvil, you are an angel! Let me see how things go tomorrow. I want to see how much of the problems are ME and how much are the camera. :)
    xoxo Juliette