Wednesday, January 30, 2013

fun with milagros.

Crazy huge these are.  4 1/2" long.  I spent the day making them, listening to Wyclef Jean, Santana, and Buena Vista Social Club.

One is addressing immigration by boat, the other by car/truck.  These were made as an entry for a juried show. 

xoxo Juliette

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

still working on photography,

today seems a bit better.  This time, I actually did futz around with the exposures and lighting.  Ir was fun to play with over exposure!  I'm learning SO much from this camera, and from the new light setup (Thanks, Lela!!!!).

But honestly?  I can't wait until I can get good light outside.  Nothing beats that natural light, in my opinion.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fun stuff with eggs.

Most recent fun thing I did - while having 'Coffee Friday' with good friend Doug Masury, he said 'man, I should have asked you to bring your liver of sulphur with you. I have some rings that need new patinas.' I said, 'have you got any eggs?' I had him boil two eggs (or one, depending on how many pieces you want to patina) and peel them, and place them in a zip lock plastic bag with the rings. 20 minutes later they had beautiful purple black patinas on them. :D And the good thing is, no messy chemicals to clean up!
PS, please do NOT eat the eggs afterwards.  Please compost them.  That is all. ;)
xoxo Juliette

Spring fever, and it's still January.

Got SO MUCH WORK done today.  Nothing to show here yet until tomorrow, which is 'photography day.'  But I couldn't help it, the sun was shining in a brilliant sky, and the air felt fresh, like spring.  I have it bad, and it's only January.  I want to get the garden planted, the flowers and bulbs in, blah blah and I really need to wait at LEAST six weeks to do that.

Plus, I want to show you all the outdoor studio space I have in spring and summer. 

xoxo Juliette

Friday, January 25, 2013

Wow. Very cool idea.

This post by Melissa Cable shows how she found a way to do anticlastic work using a trailer hitch from the hardware store.  Brilliant and a 'oh man, why didn't I think of that?' moment for me.

I mean, come on.  Look at that work!  :D  Can't wait to go to Ace tomorrow.

xoxo Juliette

PS - spent the afternoon with my brilliant textile artist friend Doug, and we discussed picture taking.  He proposed I try taking the same photos at night using the setup.  I will, and will post the results.  Crossing fingers!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pictures getting better.

So...I tried to set up the damned PVC pipe, and it just would not stay together.  I will try again, but today it was just frustrating.  So I took my original light box, which is a semi-translucent plastic storage box, and laid a white sheet over it for more diffusing.  It did help, but I need to really practice my photography skills.  I thought I was doing alright, until Mark got us this beautiful new camera.  It's a Canon Rebel E05.  Where my little Canon was doing an adequate job, this camera makes everything look a million times clearer and shows me how much more I need to concentrate on focus and lighting.  Anyway,

Copper, sterling silver, steel, and enameled matchsticks by Kimberly of Numosity.

sterling silver.

fire painted copper, rainbow pyrite.

fire painted 'beaded' copper.

Shells from Petra of Scorched Earth, wood fired ceramic beads, steel, sterling silver.

Copper, enamel, ceramic beads, sterling silver.
I'm planning to list these and then take better pictures over the weekend, once I've conquered the PVC set up. 

Hope you're all having a good day!  I'm loving this gentle rain we're having.
xo Juliette

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

oy vey.

What a week so far.  I wish I had lots to post, but I am planning to take lots of photos of the work I've been doing with the 'new and improved' light box that Lela posted last week.  That's my big news, and I should leave it at that. ;)

Hope you're all having a good week!  I'm excited to post pics using the new light box :D
xoxo Juliette

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

taking pictures.

Ugh. I've had an on again, off again relationship with cameras.  Certain pictures I have no problem with but others just don't work so well for me.  Anyway, this one has had me in knots all day.  I like it and then I don't.  I know that much of it is that I'm trying to work on using gradient backgrounds and new props.  But man, NOTHING beats outdoor pictures or natural light. 

Neither of which are plentiful in a wintery redwood forest!  Sigh.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy tonight.

Sorry, nothing new to show tonight but wanted to say I'm ready for tomorrow's gallery intake and ready to start NEW THINGS.  They have been brewing for a while but it's one of those times where you think, let's lt things brew a bit and see what happens.  So that's where I am, at least for a few days.

I can't be away from the bench for more than 24 hours so we'll see what happens after I turn all my work into the gallery!

xoxo Juliette

Thursday, January 10, 2013


I'm glad things are getting back to a routine.  While the holidays were great, it was so hard to really get quality time at the bench, and I feel like I'm 'behind' in some way.  There's a show intake this Sunday, and I'm about halfway where I should be. 

One reason why I'm really so far behind is that I'm having the Week of the Car Registration Drama.

My car needs a smog (typed in snog, HAHAH) and it won't pass because it needs a catalytic converter, blah blah.  So trying to figure out how to pay for that has been the focus this week.  Yay. It does take away creative juices, I have to admit!

Started some good work but when the stress of the car not passing smog hit, I left it all on the bench.  Now I've applied for a government program to help me pay for the repair so there isn't anything else left to do but wait.  I think I'll start work at the bench again tomorrow. Hah!

Missing you all!  Back in the saddle again.