Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Happy Part II

Happy Christmas from me to all of you.

Just got back up the mountain from the wackiest Christmas I've been to yet, in all of my years. First up it was going with my Welsh husband and many friends to the most hilarious gay bar in San Francisco I've ever been to. And I've lived in SF for many years before moving to the mountains just above!

So - it was COVERED from ceiling to bartender in Santas, elves, angels, you name it (I mean decorations, not the people). THEN, the people - a huge drag show on the stage with everything from carols to rap, blues to country. We had a few drinks and then walked down the street to - I kid you not - High Mass at Midnight. We have two of our dearest friends who are Episcopalians, two beautiful married gay men. It was incredible. All sung, the big frankincense burners, everything. Took me waaaay back to when I had to go to midnight Mass (Catholic, but damned near the same thing).

Blissfully beautiful.  I marvelled at the incredible Mary statues they had, and then we went back to Christopher and Danny's for a 'nightcap'.  Well, that was a night HAT if not anything else.  We ended staying over because we all got sauced.  Hah!  So in the morning it was an amazing breakfast of homemade waffles, bacon and about 50 cups of coffee before I felt human again.  Then I remembered it was Christmas. See what a night at Marlena's and then High Mass can do to a girl?

So we got cleaned up and I brought my photo gifts and cards out, and we reconvened for dinner (after several hours of napping).  Got the coolest gift, a set of Dia de los Muertos nail polishes.  Seriously!  Glow in dark yellow, then black, orange and hot pink.  With skull decals!  Yeah!!  :)

Got sauced again with really incredible whiskey.

Got a beautiful present of my favorite vodka, St. George's Mandarin Vodka.  Hallelujah.

Got an offer to repair some items in the church - ME???  Yes!  I am going to clean and repair some very very old pieces, including an incenser.  I'm in heaven!  How cool is this???

Now we are resting at home, but are heading out in the morning to my Family's home in Nevada City.  So will be away from the bench for another 36 hours, but well worth it as my Family are so precious.  Can't wait to see them, and then to get back to business.  Oh yeah!  Then there is New Year's.  Good thing we have a tradition of having people come to US for New Year's!  Love you all, talk to you when we get back on Friday.

xoxo Juliette

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Happy!

Wow.  So that was a looooong stint of being sick.  Ugh.  I feel almost normal again, although we've hit a cold snap here and everything is frosty, probably the closest we may get to a white Christmas this year (but then again, we're in the redwoods and that doesn't mean lots of snow.  We're not in the pine 'belt'! That's about 700 or so feet above us).

Got lots done the last few days:

I need to talk about these, but am so tired tonight I'll talk about them tomorrow.  I just couldn't let a post go another day! :P  Kim, you'll notice a pair that has your name all over it. ;)  ( I WANT MORE, hahah!)

xoxo Juliette

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Hello loves,

It's been a rough few days.  The infusion wasn't kind to me this time and I am waiting to see the results of a culture taken when I was at the hospital - they suspect I have contracted MRSA, which is apparently a non responsive to medication type of virus. I've been susceptible to viruses all my life so this was a bit wacky to hear, but I'll know more late Monday afternoon.

Anyway,  I've been working on churning out all the designs I have in my head!  So far, not so much luck but with the help of some glorious enamelled sticks by Numosity, I'll have some pieces out this week :)

Love, Juliette

Monday, December 3, 2012

New things.

The storms are over (for now), and I finished up several pairs of earrings and a necklace.  I've got a really large necklace project in the works, and am looking forward to working on it tomorrow.  For now, here's what I've been up to:

Basqiat. Sterling silver, german silver, ink, wax, paper.

Praefulgio II. Sterling silver, ink, brass, copper.

Rite of Spring. Brass, copper, ink, wax.

Staccato. Copper, sterling silver, ink, wax.

Vallauris. Ceramics by Scorched Earth, steel, sterling silver, watch parts.

What the Sea Found. Ceramics by Scorched Earth, mixed media, sterling silver.
Whooee.  Time for some dinner.
Love you guys,

Sunday, December 2, 2012


That was a storm and a half.  3 days later we have had 10 inches of rain and the power is now on.  I wasn't able to get much done at the bench because of the light, so did a lot of reading by flashlight (kid you not) and some sketches. We had a 'lull' yesterday and I was able to finish four pairs of earrings. I'm ready to get stuff up on the site and out there!

More tomorrow,
xoxo Juliette