Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Back at the bench.

Lots of pictures to take. I had such a good show this past weekend that I don't have a lot of stock left, which means I've got to get busy!!  Made another pair of the sterling 'Lyre' earrings so they're reposted in the shop:

Sterling Silver - 'Moirae II'.
 Time to get more new designs out!!

OH - speaking of new designs, have you seen what Fanci has been up to lately:

In LOVE with these!!!!  Look at some of the others, too.  Just gorgeous.
I'm loving Beatnheart's new earring design, too!  Have a look here.  Prettttty.

Lots of love!!! - Juliette

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Today was easily the best show I've ever been in so far.  I think I sold about 40% of my work!!!

More tomorrow, but am meeting Mark and having a celebration.  Love you guys!!!! :D
xoxo Juliette

Monday, November 19, 2012

How's your week?

Mine started out a bit rocky.  The show I've been gearing up for was cancelled due to rain.  There is another show this weekend and I"m inside, so hopefully all goes well for that! Ahh, retail.

Mark comes home this weekend.  Maybe I"ll get some sleep! Sleep has not been kind to me these past few weeks, I don't seem to get any.  Or very little, at least.

Got some more work done, though:

Praefulgeo. Copper, Brass, Sterling silver, enamel, wax.

Salai. Copper, brass, sterling silver, ink, wax, enamel.

My Joyous Dance. Ceramics by Scorched Earth, Hamsa charms from Turkey, Belly dance coins from Eclectic Tea, turquoise resin, sterling silver, steel.

Stratum. Copper, sterling silver, wax, enamel, ink.
I've missed posting here.  It's funny, I threw myself into working, getting new pieces out there and learning new techniques, etc. but I didn't really share much of it. It's time to learn some balance!

Lots of love and hoping your week is going well - mine is getting better :)
xo Juliette

Monday, November 5, 2012

Getting lots done.

Having Mark gone has been hard, but I've put most of my energy into working. I have so much to do and to learn, and two shows and the Holidays ahead.  Here's what I've been up to:

And the Color - copper, sterling silver, enamel, ink, wax.

Dao II - Copper, fine and sterling silver, ink, wax.

Unwound - Copper, fine and sterling silver, ink, wax.

Oceanea - Tiny delicate fish vertebrae are patinated and frame beautiful ceramic dangles by Scorched Earth.

(Reworked) Scentium - Fire painted copper, ink, wax.

Sterling Silver, enamel.

Sterling silver, steel, wood-fired ceramics.

 Eubol II - Gilded polymer clay faces, steel and sterling silver, ceramic disk components by Scorched Earth, shark's tooth, pearl, Swarovski crystals, antique bellydance coins from Eclectic Tea, turquoise resined pendants

Fire painted copper, steel, ink, antique coins from Numinosity.
Thanks for having a look.  I'm knackered! Mark sends me video messages almost every day which has been so nice.  He's planning on going to the Doctor Who museum in Cardiff, lucky bastard! :D

xoxo love to all,