Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh, what a moon.

This has been such a freaky two weeks - what with Open Studios finishing, Mark going to Wales, the Giants winning the World Series (yes, I am a huge fan and it's the only sport AND team I watch), the earthquake yesterday and now Sandy.

Be well, everyone.

Okay, so hey - look at what my friend Travis Adams had at his Open Studios show:

Hah!  Love the dog.  Actually have my eye on one of those pots in the top picture, but need to get a lot richer first.

Anyway, Travis made the ceramic discs for my 'Dao' earrings:

Dao - ceramic, sterling, copper, ink.

In the quiet - copper, enamel, sterling, ink.

Some oxidized silver I haven't listed yet.

Thinking of everyone tonight and hoping you are safe and happy. XOXO

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