Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh, what a moon.

This has been such a freaky two weeks - what with Open Studios finishing, Mark going to Wales, the Giants winning the World Series (yes, I am a huge fan and it's the only sport AND team I watch), the earthquake yesterday and now Sandy.

Be well, everyone.

Okay, so hey - look at what my friend Travis Adams had at his Open Studios show:

Hah!  Love the dog.  Actually have my eye on one of those pots in the top picture, but need to get a lot richer first.

Anyway, Travis made the ceramic discs for my 'Dao' earrings:

Dao - ceramic, sterling, copper, ink.

In the quiet - copper, enamel, sterling, ink.

Some oxidized silver I haven't listed yet.

Thinking of everyone tonight and hoping you are safe and happy. XOXO

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


holy crap I've not meant for my next post to be this long in coming.

It's just that Mark leaving for Wales has been pretty stressful, especially riding on the 'coattails' of Open Studios.  I just want to curl up with the cats and sleep for 3 days.

I miss him already, and he's only over Canada so far. :P

Anyway I'll get back in the saddle tomorrow as best I can, it's just been a stressful few days.

Love you guys,

Friday, October 12, 2012

Off to Open Studios.

It's finally here.  In one way it felt like it would NEVER be here, and in a flash, it will be over.

It's okay, it's just my first time participating, so I have a lot to learn. 

Will take pictures and post them next week, but probably will be sleeping most of Monday, I think. :)

Have a fantastic weekend, loves! xoxo Juliette

Monday, October 8, 2012


So, my husband is leaving for Wales on October 24, to see his Mum and to travel for a month. Yes, I wish I could go, but am not able to, because of my meds. It's all good, I've made my peace.

Anyway, he bought us a present - a Canon EOS Rebel T3i!!  I get to use it, provided he takes it to Wales for a month.

I couldn't handle it, I started taking pictures tonight with my light box (now granted, I need to learn how to use it, but I did watch the DVD that came with it):

The top picture is copper with ink, the bottom two are sterling silver.  I still need to work out the settings for this camera, which is SO much more sophisticated than my sweet Canon 1530.  Not complaining in the least!  :)

Happy dreams, xoxo Juliette

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rolling along...

Got more done today.  It's funny how all this work is getting done and I've not touched the sterling silver sheet - yet.  Soon.  Need to get over this!

Here's today:

Spoken. Fire painted copper, polymer, sterling silver.

Scarf (or hair) pin.  Copper, ink.

Scarf (or hair) pin.  Copper, ink.

A Brighter Word Than Bright - polymer, ink, brass, steel, silk, copper.

A Brighter Word Than Bright - polymer, ink, brass, steel, silk, copper.

Sermonum - brass, copper, polymer, ink.

Sermonum - brass, copper, polymer, ink.
The last one has been 'getting to me.' I am fascinated by the way it emerged.  Have you ever had that happen?  It's one of the strangest things I've made, (not THE strangest), and I adore it.  Not so sure about the chain, though.  Was thinking maybe  it needs a leather cord.
xoxo Juliette

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

a good day.

Today was a day full of good work and good health.  Here's what I finished up today (work started yesterday):

Moirae II - Sterling silver.

Caverna - Copper, ink, sterling silver.

Rothkoesque - copper, brass, ink.

Okay, time to go watch a movie or something.  I have a cat snoring very loudly next to me, will have to turn up the volume!

my Ferdinand - actually, his name is Lapis and he's a huge British Blue.  My boy <3

Hello you.  Awake now?

xoxo Juliette

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

cool stuff.

I played around with alcohol inks on metal today.  How fun is this stuff.  I've really not used it much, but had an inspiration to try it on some copper that I had already soaked in ammonia - really cool, but no pictures of finished work tonight.  I'm going to set up the 'photo studio' tomorrow and get a bunch done at once!