Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This blog keeps me somewhat sane. Hah!

After spilling my guts about how badly my photos were behaving, I had a great jewelry session with Robin (my Tuesday afternoon classes with the Queen of PMC), and we brainstormed on how to kick things into gear.  She likes my angles and props and all that, but I said that it was 'doing the same things' over and over that was making the creative process BORING.  A 'done many times before' feeling.  Then we talked about problem solving with jewelry we're working on, which was REALLY helpful.  I finally made a fibula I can be happy showing Doug tomorrow, and will take it along with sketches of 'fancier' designs to show him.

And, pictures came out today.  Man, sometimes you just have to talk to all of your friends and let the pressure off.  Love you guys.  xoxo Juliette
After the storm.  German silver wire.

After the storm.  Closeup.

Balustrade.  Steel, citrine, leather. Closeup.

Balustrade.  Steel, citrine, leather.

Fibula 1. Brass.

Homage to Calder 3. Steel, closeup.

Homage to Calder 3.  Steel.

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