Saturday, September 8, 2012

More work today.

Working on revisions for brooches for Doug, as well as a new necklace or art piece, not sure which.  Am thinking it would be a cool framed mixed media piece, as it's pretty big and I'd have to make a huge chain for it (might do that anyway!).

Here's the thing I'm talking about (It's not finished, rough on the sides and all):

Steel, antique kimono fabric, shark's tooth, small box from Rosie of Eclectic Tea.

These are the pins/brooches for Doug's show (well three of them):


Fire painted copper.

Whoo, I'm tired.  But have you had one of those days (It's only 2:30 here, I've got time) where you think you've completed something, or done enough, and you realize NO, you have a LOT more to do?  It's one of those days.  I'd love to just kick back now with a book or a movie.  Things need doing, though.

xoxo Juliette


  1. Great work, the top piece looks intriguing and I love how you've coiled the wire.

  2. Thanks so much - I'm trying to decide whether it should be a necklace or a mixed media piece (mounted in a frame). It's not that heavy, but I'd have to make a substantial chain for it to 'match', if that makes sense. not sure yet!
    xoxo Juliette