Saturday, September 29, 2012

a web site.

I'm actually working on a website.  This blog will of course be attached, but I am hoping to build a more 'professional' side to my fun, if that makes sense.

It's been YEARS since I've built one, so it might not appear right away.  But it's been taking up my attention tonight, in a good way.

OH, and I just got $200 worth of silver from Rio Grande today.  AHHHH!  Play time.  (smirk)

Hope you all have a great weekend - it's going to be HOT tomorrow here.  Time for a morning swim before starting studio work!!

xoxo Juliette

Saturday, September 22, 2012

New work, and new photos.

So the last four days have all been about getting new work into the Mountain Arts gallery, and I got 12 pairs of earrings done as well as photography (inside, with my 'studio setup', meaning my storage box and hardware lights, haha).

Here are the results.  xoxo Juliette

Sunday, September 16, 2012

This year's attempt at raku.

Preface:  I had fun.  That's the whole point.  Okay, moving on...

This bowl would have been really great had I stopped at the dark blue.  I had mixed a lovely copper and deep blue together, but then I saw a bottle of 'azure blue'.  See, I thought azure blue was a deep midnight sky color.  I was SO wrong.  HAH!

The colors of this are beautiful except for that spattery whitish blue.  Seriously, I thought that was going to turn a deep blue.  Waaaaah.  Oh well.

Hahahaha!  Okay, I go between loving this and being terrified of it.  Right here, it looks like a big beef tongue (but blue).  It's just a big chunk of clay with a very interesting dragon, or worm...not sure which, but I thought it might be cool.  Well...Honestly, I'm going to put it out in the garden.  Maybe it will scare away some of the banana slugs.

xoxo Juliette

Ceramarama, wackiness, and I need a nap!

What a day and it's only 2:30.  I got up earlyish and went to the big ceramics party at the gallery.  Just as fun, silly, and wacky as last year - I love mountain people!

My friend Paula Prekowski, a very talented potter, throwing a bowl.  These are donated to Loaves and Fishes, where they'll be auctioned off in a fundraiser.  I also did more raku, but haven't taken pictures yet - I was so beat that as soon as the pieces were hosed off, I got them and went home!  

Here's those earrings for you, Fanci (wink)
I'm tired.  Going to veg out a bit, then see what happens next.
xoxo Juliette

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lots going on around here.

Busy time of year!!  Open Studio, birthdays (my family), Mark (husband) getting ready to go to Wales the end of October, a new show the end of September at the Ben Lomond gallery, and somewhere in there, I've got to list more in the Etsy shop.

Ugh, and it's Infusion Day tomorrow.  Honestly, I need it.  Sometimes the last days before infusions, I feel like I'm moving through mud or quicksand.  It's very tiring!

Here's some new work:

Over the edge.  Fire painted copper, steel, leather, bone.

Parodium.  Fire painted copper, aluminum, sterling silver.

Bazaarite.  Fire painted copper, Afghani coins, shark's tooth, bone.

Scentium.  Fire painted copper.
Marina of Fanciful Devices, I finally photographed those earrings 'hanging.' Ha!  How long has it been?

How's your week treating you?
xoxo Juliette

Saturday, September 8, 2012

More work today.

Working on revisions for brooches for Doug, as well as a new necklace or art piece, not sure which.  Am thinking it would be a cool framed mixed media piece, as it's pretty big and I'd have to make a huge chain for it (might do that anyway!).

Here's the thing I'm talking about (It's not finished, rough on the sides and all):

Steel, antique kimono fabric, shark's tooth, small box from Rosie of Eclectic Tea.

These are the pins/brooches for Doug's show (well three of them):


Fire painted copper.

Whoo, I'm tired.  But have you had one of those days (It's only 2:30 here, I've got time) where you think you've completed something, or done enough, and you realize NO, you have a LOT more to do?  It's one of those days.  I'd love to just kick back now with a book or a movie.  Things need doing, though.

xoxo Juliette

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Open Studios

Wow.  It's getting close!  Forgive my giddiness, it's my first 'big' art show experience.

The calendars came out today and I'm getting one (at least) tomorrow at the Gallery.

We will be either July or August, we think!

xoxo Juliette

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This blog keeps me somewhat sane. Hah!

After spilling my guts about how badly my photos were behaving, I had a great jewelry session with Robin (my Tuesday afternoon classes with the Queen of PMC), and we brainstormed on how to kick things into gear.  She likes my angles and props and all that, but I said that it was 'doing the same things' over and over that was making the creative process BORING.  A 'done many times before' feeling.  Then we talked about problem solving with jewelry we're working on, which was REALLY helpful.  I finally made a fibula I can be happy showing Doug tomorrow, and will take it along with sketches of 'fancier' designs to show him.

And, pictures came out today.  Man, sometimes you just have to talk to all of your friends and let the pressure off.  Love you guys.  xoxo Juliette
After the storm.  German silver wire.

After the storm.  Closeup.

Balustrade.  Steel, citrine, leather. Closeup.

Balustrade.  Steel, citrine, leather.

Fibula 1. Brass.

Homage to Calder 3. Steel, closeup.

Homage to Calder 3.  Steel.