Saturday, August 18, 2012

Experience Metal Day at the MAH

The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History sponsored an 'Experience Metal' day for the public, giving hands-on workshops and exhibits of art and design by local artists.  What a fun day!!  Here's some of the art:

Beautiful art by students.  Love that swirly choker in the middle!

Oh man, LOVED the bed spring assemblages with the creepy dolls in.  Imagine a few of my friends here dig it, too ;)

This one's even CREEPIER/cooler!  Damn, I wanted to take this home, but it wouldn't fit in my trunk and people were looking.

From an exhibit - LOVE this assemblage - look at the fabulous shoes the ostrich is wearing!

I attended a workshop and made a 'found object' chandelier (well, we all thought it LOOKED like it should be one) out of two rusted bike chains and two scroll-like hooks (maybe for planters?).  I've got it home now and am fastening some things to it, but will take pictures of it soon.  All in all, a really fun way to start the day!

xoxo Juliette


  1. Wow...what a fun day! I'd love to attend something like that. Those bed springs are killing me! Love'em! One of the rusty bits I found in CO was part of a bed spring like that.

    Looking forward to seeing YOUR creation. :)

  2. oooooh, to find parts is a lot of the fun, in my opinion!

    Here, things were all organized in buckets from which to scavenge. It was fun, and yes! I loved the bed springs! I've got the chandelier (not sure if that's what it is still) hanging on the wall with some pieces laid out - some actual antique chandelier pieces, and some keys - and am waiting for inspiration to strike. Tonight or tomorrow, if lucky! :)
    xoxo Juliette

  3. I really love the bedspring assemblages, too. Way cool. Too bad your trunk was too small!! LOL!! ;-)