Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tuesdays are PMC days...and Keith LoBue!

I'm starting very tentatively but with the confident guidance of my dear friend, Robin of Birdsong Designs.  So far I have done silver earring components, almost ready for firing, and have a necklace 'pendant' assembled.

I'm also doing a workshop with Keith LoBue!  It's called 'Steeling Beauty' and is all about using, forging and creating with steel wire.  It's giving me SO much insight and much of it carries right over to work in copper.  Not ALL, but much.  But I'm really digging bronze these days, too.

Not so much to show for the work yet, however.  Today's been a very low energy day for me, but wanted to get back into blogging again.

Here's a picture from yesterday's PMC work, which sums up pretty much how I feel with the creative process right now!

little ball of PMC clay, just before I smooshed it to make some earring components.
Little by little, bit by bit.

Have a great rest of the day! xoxo Juliette

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