Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer wasn't meant to equal blog lag...

Blog lag.  Funny phrase but it fits.  I've been doing a lot this summer and this week is going to be busy, but I love blogging and need to put action behind those words!

I'm working with my good friend Robin of Birdsong Designs on PMC silver jewelry.  She's got a kiln and tumbler, and creates fantastic components, so I'm learning a lot!  Nothing to show for it yet but have made molds for pieces.

I go to see Doug this Sunday with a handful of new pieces for the tapestry.  He just came back from the photographer today, and one of my pieces is on his Open Studios postcards. SCORE!

Here's what I worked on this weekend.

Tuareg (Antique conch shell beads, terracotta, metal Tuareg pendants):

 Magi, Part One (Antique bone, terracotta, glass beads):

Simply made, but elegant and easy to wear. 

Hope you're all having a good weekend!
xoxo Juliette


  1. I would love to try pmc, just thinking about all the cool shapes one could come up with ... Love the earrings.

    1. I'll post some pictures of the molds I made and hopefully of the results today (or tomorrow if they don't cure quickly). Then I'll take them to Robin's and we'll see what happens - but yes, I'll post the progress! xoxo

  2. Love those crosses and bone just give a great tribal feel.

    1. I love those crosses, too! Wish I had gotten more - they came from Turkey. Here is her Etsy shop (great sales, and very quick delivery):