Monday, July 30, 2012

Having fun with steel

On a very hot day.

Citrinella.  Rebar tie wire and citrine.  It's not finished yet, but I want to wear it now. :)
xoxo Juliette

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Here's what I'm working on at the moment:

Porcupine quill, leather, handmade copper components.  Not finished yet, but almost there!

xoxo Juliette

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tuesdays are PMC days...and Keith LoBue!

I'm starting very tentatively but with the confident guidance of my dear friend, Robin of Birdsong Designs.  So far I have done silver earring components, almost ready for firing, and have a necklace 'pendant' assembled.

I'm also doing a workshop with Keith LoBue!  It's called 'Steeling Beauty' and is all about using, forging and creating with steel wire.  It's giving me SO much insight and much of it carries right over to work in copper.  Not ALL, but much.  But I'm really digging bronze these days, too.

Not so much to show for the work yet, however.  Today's been a very low energy day for me, but wanted to get back into blogging again.

Here's a picture from yesterday's PMC work, which sums up pretty much how I feel with the creative process right now!

little ball of PMC clay, just before I smooshed it to make some earring components.
Little by little, bit by bit.

Have a great rest of the day! xoxo Juliette

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I've got the monthly infusion tomorrow morning, and to be honest have been dragging with jewelry work and such this week.  It's a bit expected, being that once I get that infusion tomorrow I tend to feel lots better 24 hours later.  So - I'm watching my online class with Keith LoBue and taking notes, fired up for new things to make, and planning/sketching out new designs.  Keep the flow going, so to speak.

Worked on these over the weekend:

Flowing Water 2.  Fire painted copper and brass.

Hamsa.  Gold plated charms (I added some patina to them), antique bone and terracotta beads, brass.

Hope you're all doing well.  I'll be much better tomorrow!
xoxo Juliette

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pic Monkey is COOL.

I had so much fun playing around with my pictures.  Pic Monkey is so easy to use and gives you so many options (free for now, I see).  Don't laugh, I'm not a genius with Photoshop and just started with PM but you have to start somewhere:

Oh man, so much to do today through Sunday.  The casting of the branch molds has been done, and I researched some sculpting ideas to try other branches so am going to do those today too.  Tomorrow if all goes well I will paint them.  I'll post pictures of the process here.  Really hoping this works out!!

xoxo Juliette

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A very long, very fun weekend.

I am tired, but before starting a new week, here were some of the highlights of the past four days:

Rooftop cocktails for the Fourth, fabulous dinner with dear friends in San Jose.

Friday afternoon, carpooled to Galleria Parc Hotel in SF, then taxiied to the most heavenly dinner at Vicolleti on Green. A Must Go for Bay Area peoples.

Strolled to Club Fugazi for Beach Blanket Babylon. Hysterical!

2am, in the hotel eating chocolates and pinot, then Wayne runs to the nearest cafe for antipasti.

I leave everyone still partying and walk back to our room, passing this incredible Hitchcock 'Vertigo' staircase. I am in LOVE with them!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

off for more fun...then back to work next week!

I'm back from a fantastic 4th party, and off to San Francisco tomorrow for an overnight birthday party.  Well, two nights - will be back Sunday, hopefully with some fun pictures.

Here's one of the pictures from the shoot for Open Studios with Doug Masury's genius textiles!
xoxo Juliette

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer wasn't meant to equal blog lag...

Blog lag.  Funny phrase but it fits.  I've been doing a lot this summer and this week is going to be busy, but I love blogging and need to put action behind those words!

I'm working with my good friend Robin of Birdsong Designs on PMC silver jewelry.  She's got a kiln and tumbler, and creates fantastic components, so I'm learning a lot!  Nothing to show for it yet but have made molds for pieces.

I go to see Doug this Sunday with a handful of new pieces for the tapestry.  He just came back from the photographer today, and one of my pieces is on his Open Studios postcards. SCORE!

Here's what I worked on this weekend.

Tuareg (Antique conch shell beads, terracotta, metal Tuareg pendants):

 Magi, Part One (Antique bone, terracotta, glass beads):

Simply made, but elegant and easy to wear. 

Hope you're all having a good weekend!
xoxo Juliette