Monday, June 11, 2012

'...I got better...'

Heh - a line from one of my favorite movies, 'Monty Python's The Holy Grail'.  After accusing the witch of turning him into a newt and being met with stares (he's a human at this moment), John Cleese says, '...I got better...'

I have been sick.  Ugh, sick.  Like heat-sick/stomach flu/low fever/no energy sick.  Better now though.

Enough of that stuff, here's what I did today:

Fiery Water (Farsi: Āb-eh Ātash Afrūz).
Sterling Silver, African bone beads, copper, resin.

'Cupbearer do give the fiery water
That we might burn much hotter today

Drown my fire within this water
And splash my water to set fires aflame'

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