Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring fever has HIT.

I am so excited to be able to plant things this year, even if it's not going to be veggies.  We need to watch the sun to make sure where we should be planting things, but I've got my dahlias in the ground and in pots all over the yard, and I'm so happy to see them ready to go!

Got some work done today, two more pairs of earrings - BUT - one pair is going to stay with me.  Present for myself.  This is the pair I'm keeping:

my dancing heart.  Terracotta beads, belly dance coins from Eclectic Tea, bone mala beads from Numinosity, Shadow Trade box items (hah!), steel.

These went into the shop today:

Provence.  Toho beads, firepainted copper, crystals, antique African trade beads, steel.

Huge 'shout out' to Beatnheart, for talking about Monkey Pic! THANK YOU!  I really was missing my Picnik, so Monkey fills the gap. 



  1. love the new earrings... I can see why you're keeping that pair! I also love "maktoub5" over on flickr. :)

  2. Lela! Thanks for the note on Flickr, I need to cull out lots of photos but am really glad to get your opinion. I just found Red Bubble, thanks to your blog! I've never been on there. WOW, I adore your photography. That photo of the shell? Sublime.

  3. Awww, thanks, Juliette! That's very kind. :)