Thursday, May 10, 2012

Protest on Etsy.

To show my support for a truly handmade community, I have closed my shop today.

My friend Cynthia of Beatnheart says it best:

 'I join today in closing my Etsy shop in protest of them allowing " factories" to sell on their site. Etsy is meant for people like me who make items one at a time, by hand. I have often wondered, how can this young lady be making these bracelets for so cheap... In her smoke free, pet free home... Well because... She's probably not working from "home" but" workin for the man”


  1. Right on! It is late afternoon here and I am just reading this. But you know, I've had a couple of encounters where I've inquired about custom orders only to be told that the product was "pre-made" and shipped to the etsy salesman. This always seemed odd to me. I think this kind of thing might go on more than we know. Etsy is such a vast and growing force.

  2. You know what the funny thing was - I got an order this afternoon! And did you know that they shut down the Showcases? I wonder if that was something that came about because of the protest. Interesting.