Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Learning the routine of a new house.

We have been here about 7 weeks now, and are settling into some sort of rhythm.  It is different with both of us self-employed, and keeping different hours (I need daylight to work, he loves his nights). Happiness abounds, but with a small house, the schedules need to gently combine/collide.  So when he sleeps in the morning, I have my coffee and emails in the living room.  When he gets up, I get to work on jewelry.  It's working ;)

These are the start of the scarf pins for Doug's commission.  He likes the form, and we're working on the color variations (as much as I can with a patina), as well as the hammer work.  This is the first real collaborative project I've done with him as the tapestry work is being put on hold until after Open Studios.

It's warm this week!  Upper 80s when it was upper 60s last week.  Not complaining, however.
xoxo Juliette


  1. It's great that, while your schedules are very different, you manage to get things done without disrupting each other.

    I find when my husband is home he always seems to be in my way. Also, he wakes up with a plan and expects me to follow along with a smile. When he retires, I will most likely have to get a full time job. :)

    Those fold formed leaves are just gorgeous!

  2. It's a learning process, that's for sure. But while it's a beautiful space, it can be small. So respecting space when needing it is crucial! And if that doesn't work, well it's warm enough to go outside. HAH!

    xoxo Thanks, Alice :)