Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eclipses, Earrings, and lots of commission work coming up.

I've got another big day in Doug's beautiful Santa Cruz studio tomorrow, where we'll talk about more scarves but ALSO about that beautiful koi pond tapestry that is 'back in the works' again, sooner than we thought.  Now I've got to do the 25 or so maple leaves and branches for the tapestry, and at least 40 fibulae for the shawls/scarves.  I am happy, but it's a bit overwhelming - a bit like 'a piece a day through the end of the  year' overwhelming.  Well, that's a *slight* exaggeration.

But the two days we spent at Shasta Lake were wonderful.  Staying in a yurt at the side of that gorgeous lake in the shadow of Mount Lassen was really fun.  The yurt was large, basic, and had room for 5 people and two dogs!  There were beds and a simple table inside, and then a large area for cooking and hanging out with our own path to the river.

our yurt.

the sun, about 6:30 PM, after a blazing hot day.  It was SUCH a dramatic difference in light.

and this was about 10 minutes later.  Doesn't it look like midnight??

Then I learned how to photograph the eclipse properly.  This is about 40 minutes in...

and this is the Ring of Fire.  It was incredible.

These are my Stylin' Eclipse glasses.  Note the lighting?  This is 20 minutes AFTER the eclipse!

Our 'viewing theater'.  This is after the eclipse.
Mantra.  These were made yesterday.  Recycled tin, mala beads from Numinosity.

Unveiling.  Recycled tin, bleached rib bones, ceramic and jasper beads, steel and sterling silver.  These just sold.

Just had the monthly infusion today, it went well!  So am going to rest up now and get ready for a big day tomorrow!

xoxo Juliette


  1. That yurt looks great. How I would have liked to have been there and to see the eclipse like that. It didn't amount to much up here in our neighborhood.
    Cool earrings. Your photo is a work of art!

  2. Thanks so much about the earrings. I painted these little redwood tables we have in various colors, and they are great for taking pictures outside as they add an unexpected bit of color!

    I was thrilled to have an experienced photographer there at the Eclipse, as he showed me what setting to use for taking those pictures.

    xoxo Juliette