Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Whoo! Good long day.

I hope that I don't run out of steam this week, but today was so productive I am really excited to see what happens next.

Pins for the commission work.

One of my favorite pins so far.

Dream in the Garden - Tibetan beads, bleached rib bones.

Doset daram - Thai Buddhist mala beads, vintage earrings from Trade Box
I've missed talking to everyone!  Hope you all had a great weekend, and that your work is going well.
xoxo Juliette

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eclipses, Earrings, and lots of commission work coming up.

I've got another big day in Doug's beautiful Santa Cruz studio tomorrow, where we'll talk about more scarves but ALSO about that beautiful koi pond tapestry that is 'back in the works' again, sooner than we thought.  Now I've got to do the 25 or so maple leaves and branches for the tapestry, and at least 40 fibulae for the shawls/scarves.  I am happy, but it's a bit overwhelming - a bit like 'a piece a day through the end of the  year' overwhelming.  Well, that's a *slight* exaggeration.

But the two days we spent at Shasta Lake were wonderful.  Staying in a yurt at the side of that gorgeous lake in the shadow of Mount Lassen was really fun.  The yurt was large, basic, and had room for 5 people and two dogs!  There were beds and a simple table inside, and then a large area for cooking and hanging out with our own path to the river.

our yurt.

the sun, about 6:30 PM, after a blazing hot day.  It was SUCH a dramatic difference in light.

and this was about 10 minutes later.  Doesn't it look like midnight??

Then I learned how to photograph the eclipse properly.  This is about 40 minutes in...

and this is the Ring of Fire.  It was incredible.

These are my Stylin' Eclipse glasses.  Note the lighting?  This is 20 minutes AFTER the eclipse!

Our 'viewing theater'.  This is after the eclipse.
Mantra.  These were made yesterday.  Recycled tin, mala beads from Numinosity.

Unveiling.  Recycled tin, bleached rib bones, ceramic and jasper beads, steel and sterling silver.  These just sold.

Just had the monthly infusion today, it went well!  So am going to rest up now and get ready for a big day tomorrow!

xoxo Juliette

Monday, May 21, 2012

I've been at Shasta Lake,

Watching the Eclipse!  And took pictures!  One for tonight, I'm exhausted:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meeting with Doug today.

I'm meeting with Doug in a little while to discuss the 'next steps,' and to show him the leaf prototypes I did for the scarf pins.  Hopefully all goes well!
xoxo Juliette

Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's a little blurry, but...

Here's a little bit of today.  :) It was a GREAT day!

It was SO hot (low 90s) but we had a canopy and a lovely breeze.  Art fairs are hard work, and I salute all those who do this all the time.  I am exhausted but very happy tonight!

xoxo Juliette

Friday, May 11, 2012

Taking most of the shop with me tomorrow.

So tomorrow's festival in Ben Lomond has a chance of being a 'lucrative' one.  It's hard to tell, but there are events going on in the area, the weather has been fantastic, and Mother's Day generally brings people up here from the Bay Area for drives, lunches, etc.

I'm going to take most of my Etsy shop with me, and if anything sells (which I'm hoping it will!!!), then the remainder goes back in on Sunday.

Leaves to bring to my meeting with Doug next Tuesday.  Almost out of copper, crap!!  Had to order some emergency copper and wire.

We'll see how it goes!

xoxo Juliette

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Protest on Etsy.

To show my support for a truly handmade community, I have closed my shop today.

My friend Cynthia of Beatnheart says it best:

 'I join today in closing my Etsy shop in protest of them allowing " factories" to sell on their site. Etsy is meant for people like me who make items one at a time, by hand. I have often wondered, how can this young lady be making these bracelets for so cheap... In her smoke free, pet free home... Well because... She's probably not working from "home" but" workin for the man”

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Learning the routine of a new house.

We have been here about 7 weeks now, and are settling into some sort of rhythm.  It is different with both of us self-employed, and keeping different hours (I need daylight to work, he loves his nights). Happiness abounds, but with a small house, the schedules need to gently combine/collide.  So when he sleeps in the morning, I have my coffee and emails in the living room.  When he gets up, I get to work on jewelry.  It's working ;)

These are the start of the scarf pins for Doug's commission.  He likes the form, and we're working on the color variations (as much as I can with a patina), as well as the hammer work.  This is the first real collaborative project I've done with him as the tapestry work is being put on hold until after Open Studios.

It's warm this week!  Upper 80s when it was upper 60s last week.  Not complaining, however.
xoxo Juliette

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring fever has HIT.

I am so excited to be able to plant things this year, even if it's not going to be veggies.  We need to watch the sun to make sure where we should be planting things, but I've got my dahlias in the ground and in pots all over the yard, and I'm so happy to see them ready to go!

Got some work done today, two more pairs of earrings - BUT - one pair is going to stay with me.  Present for myself.  This is the pair I'm keeping:

my dancing heart.  Terracotta beads, belly dance coins from Eclectic Tea, bone mala beads from Numinosity, Shadow Trade box items (hah!), steel.

These went into the shop today:

Provence.  Toho beads, firepainted copper, crystals, antique African trade beads, steel.

Huge 'shout out' to Beatnheart, for talking about Monkey Pic! THANK YOU!  I really was missing my Picnik, so Monkey fills the gap. 


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Short post for now...

I'm getting ready for a show next Saturday, and hoping to get a lot more done between now and then.  Hoping!

Here is a pair of earrings I did yesterday:

'Doumbek' - terracotta, crystal, toho and ceramic beads.
They are LONG but I love them!  Might have to make a pair for myself. :)

Hope you're having a great Saturday, xoxo Juliette