Wednesday, April 25, 2012

tomorrow's another day.

I spent today and most of yesterday sleeping.  Somehow this past infusion just sapped the energy out of me when it tends to do just the opposite, normally.  Anyway, I have so much on my mind, including a visit from my parents this Friday!  Excited to take them to the gallery to see work, and to see our new place.

I started work on these a while ago.  LOVE assemblage, but am still getting my 'feet wet' with it. 

'deer and headlight' - deer tooth, antique button, recycled beehive parts, copper, steel.

'everything is for sale' - milagros, vintage bar bead, antique advertisements, steel.

xoxo, Juliette


  1. Oh what fun! I really like "everything is for sale." Very cool. What's the size?

    I was just thinking today that it would feel good to start smearing paint on a really, really big canvas that's standing over there in the corner. :)

    Feel better!

  2. Thanks so much, Lela! I'm feeling much better now, but wow - it took a while. The size of 'everything is for sale' is 3" x 5". it's small!

    But I hear you with smearing paint - did you do it? I just painted a table outside because I had leftover paint, and the little table was just sitting there. It turned out so well I'm going to do some more! xoxo Juliette

  3. nope...the canvas still sits unsmeared. ;)
    I've been too busy with the silver.

    Love those tiny assemblages!

  4. Your silver work is beautiful. I can't wait to see what happens with your next class!

    Glad you like the assemblages, I'm a bit hooked on them myself ;)