Monday, April 30, 2012

Late nights, good days.

Got a late start to the day, but no problem there - we have been putting up more storage, arranging and doing all the things that make the house more of a home than a place full of stuff needing putting away, you know that feeling?  Good times, good times.

Got some pictures in but have many more to take this week.  Having fun painting and getting used to the light in our backyard, which is dappled and leafy green at the moment.  Makes for interesting photography, and I'm not complaining!  Just getting used to it. OH, and I think I am going to get one of those busts to photograph necklaces on:

Scheherezade - brass, vintage tassel, bead, glass, and key. Antique bone bead.

Tour D'Alchimie - Vintage pendants, glass beads, brass chain, steel.
Oh man - tomorrow morning, both cats go to the vet for their shots.  Please let it go smoothly!  I want to come home and make cool stuff.

xoxo Juliette


  1. Cool new stuff! I've got a ton of those old keys somewhere...maybe when I get this silver out of my system, I can dig them out. I wonder if you could patina them...hmm...

    1. Thank you, Lela! And I will be more than happy to patina those keys for you ;) Send them on whenever you like!
      xoxo Juliette