Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Calder and Me.

I wish I had known Calder.  I only know him through my Mother's work as a docent at the San Jose Museum of Art years ago, where I took my first art classes.  They had a showing of his Circus, and it was all over for me.  As a (now former) dancer, I loved how wire could loop and form into such succinct and lively shapes (and creatures!).  My paintings at that time were all very lyrical and free form, mimicing the beauty of line.  So wire work, especially Calder's and later Picasso's, has influenced me for a long time.

Learning a LOT, however, from new friends I met through Etsy and on blogs I adore.  Work is taking a much more organic shape, but still retains the feel and line that I love so much.

Calder Tribute One:  Steel wire, small bones from I found this for you, bone mala beads from Numinosity and Belly Dance coins from Eclectic Tea

Unearthed:  Steel wire, ceramic beads (by me), bone mala beads by Numinosity.

Same earrings (Unearthed), different view.
Oops, here's Esme!

 xoxo, Juliette


  1. They're like little mobiles for sure.
    I had an ex- boyfriend whose parents were friends with Calder and he said that he would twist up little sculptures for hi when he came for dinner parties. I don't think he kept any of them though.
    Oh and just to set the record straight those are bone mala beads from Tibet from my supply shop. I didn't make them myself.
    Thanks for the mention though!
    xoxo Kim

    1. Kim, thanks for correcting my slip up. I will correct it...WOW, how wonderful to have known Calder! Such a shame he didn't save those little sculptures.

      xoxo! Juliette

  2. What beautiful miniature works of art! I've been wanting to work with that steel wire but was afraid it would rust in the humid Kansas weather. For now I just use the Novacan Black.

    1. Alice! :) Thank you. I've never used the Novacan Black, but am very interested in doing so. We don't have the problem of rusting that I know of, and I do put protectants on the metal but it might be something for me to seriously consider as some people who buy my things live in humid areas. xoxo Juliette

  3. Juliette, I LOVE your new work! I also love Calder (and Miro too)... but it's Chagall who makes me weak in the knees. I think I am a hopeless romantic at heart.

  4. Melinda, thanks so much! I love Chagall too, I have to admit...and Van Gogh, and Basquiat, Miro, etc... xoxo Juliette

  5. yes, Calder is a great master, love his mobiles! I like your work with wire :) and your cat is gorgeous ;-)