Thursday, March 1, 2012

Out of the woods, only metaphorically.

I'm feeling SO much better.  Figured out what part of it was, mainly that I have been waiting for one of my meds to arrive in the mail and have had to 'ration' out the remaining pills until they arrived.  They arrived yesterday, and I had a full dose last night.  Hmmm, funny that.  I feel MUCH better. :)

Am meeting Doug, the incredible textile artist.  I'll be working on metal leaves for his next tapestry.  I can't wait!  We're meeting tomorrow.  Will post pictures if I can.

The remainder of this week is full of getting new work out, preparing for next Saturday's show, and working on Doug's commission. 

Oh, and we are moving!  The end of the month.  About 5 miles away to an incredibly beautiful little house.  With insulation. :P

Love, Juliette

Look!  Beeswax candles! :)  Mark makes these, and some of you will be receiving recycled beehive materials <3

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