Thursday, March 22, 2012

Energy is waning...for now.

Well, it IS the New Moon and  next Tuesday I have my next infusion, both of which should bring more energy.  There is so much to do and I'm wishing I were on the other side already.  Yeah.

I have a new gallery intake on April 1, which means I have to get everything done this weekend and leave Mark with the moving for a while so I can get my work in.  But then, it's full steam ahead for the new commission piece!!  Can't WAIT to post more about it and the collaboration process.

Having a bag of projects and tools on the coffee table during the moving process has kept me sane.  So have all of you.  I read your blogs before bed and during the noon/meds process. 

Oooh, has anyone worked with epoxy clay?  I'm interested in trying it out in assemblage work.

xxx Juliette

My British Blue, Lapis - trying to be inconspicuous.  HAH!


  1. "next infusion?" Oh dear...I've missed something somewhere. Hope you're okay. And I do hope whatever it's for that it helps your energy. I can only imagine running on low...doing everything you're doing...even without needing an infusion.

    Epoxy clay sounds interesting...I've not even heard of it.

    The "new commission piece" sounds so intriguing. Anxious to hear more.

    1. Thanks for asking, but I am okay, promise. I have M.S., and this infusion is a monthly thing. So while it's a pain (hah), it makes me feel much better for 3 weeks or so. Thank you so much for your thoughts!

    2. Well, not fun! But it sounds like you're an amazing example in dealing with it. Good for you! I admire that. :)