Sunday, March 18, 2012

Between moving, rain and jewelry, I need to focus.

Didn't want to do any packing today.  I needed to work on art, do something creative, to let go of the stress caused by moving.  Because the studio is AGAIN too cold and damp, I moved to the coffee table.  This place is SO frustrating in that you can't use 50% of the space in the winter, due to incredibly poor insulation.  In a week and a half, we will be in dry and warm quarters, and I can't wait.  But it doesn't stop the need to create, to keep going with these ideas, and to dream.

Here's some of what  work was done today (and through the past week):

Tightened the weaving on the right earring.  Am liking where these are going.

These came so naturally.  They literally came from the can of chickpeas I had in my salad on Wednesday, as well as some steel wire and beads.  Kickass.

speaking to me, baby.

the words are coming.

City of Beehive parts!  So organically borne, and so beautiful to see.  I know which hives these came from.

How would you see these utilized?  I see them in a strong sculpted necklace, almost like a hammered torque type of neck piece.  Still playing with the small pieces, but when we move I will play around with the 'neckwear.'

Realizing my limits.  Meaning I really shouldn't try too many  new things just as we are moving.  Our old house is torn apart, I'm using the coffee table as my makeshift work bench, and my poor husband has no where to sit other than where I clear a space.  As it is, I'm typing stretched out on the bed with a brandy.  It's too damned cold to go anywhere else, unless I sit right in front of the heater.  This is fine for now.

Happy Sunday night - xoxo, Juliette


  1. Chick pea can, I love it. You could call them Garbanzio earrings. Every time I see you writing about your beehive parts I'm reminded of Austin Powers "oh beehive!
    Nothing like the drudgery of moving to get your creative juices going, it's when you know exactly what you'd rather be doing.
    I like the whispers of text on those pieces that you did.
    xoxo Kim

    1. I love it! Garbanzio earrings. Ha! Regarding the beehive stuff, I keep thinking of Eddie Izzard, 'I'm covered in beeeeeessss!!!!!!!'
      Yes, the jewelry is keeping me somewhat sane. The last week tends to be the most stressful, I think. I am also thinking that the text earrings need oxidizing, painting, something. They're too - shiny.

  2. I don't even know how you can create when thinking about moving!
    chickpeas! that's awesome... I want to try something like that.

    1. Lela! You know, I keep a tool bag stuffed with projects on the coffee table. For 9 more days that bag is my 'touchstone'.

      As for the can, ha! I can send you some colorful tin Mexican salsa cans if you like. I love using our cupboards for art inspiration, and thankfully Mark doesn't seem to mind too much !