Saturday, March 3, 2012

Beautiful sunny day

I was able to bring my paints outside and paint some pieces for next Saturday's show.  I have to alternate between cleaning, packing and getting ready for the show, in addition to making the pieces for Doug Masury's commission.  We finally met yesterday and started talking about what he wants for the tapestry.  I'll be making 15-20 brass, copper, aluminum and bronze leaves and twigs for a 4 foot square piece.  Can't wait to show his work here - it's museum stuff. 

My Etsy shop is suffering.  There are only about 23 items there, and most of it has been there forever.  UGH!  I need to get it moving.  There is so much inventory out in the gallery that will be going into the Etsy shop (whatever doesn't sell will go onto Etsy, in other words), plus all the NEW pieces that are coming together slowly and surely.

More tonight or tomorrow - I still have about an hour's worth of good usable sunlight.  :)

More of our candles!!  Hope to have them up on the site soon.


  1. have a lot going on! Love the candles. :)

  2. Lela, thanks!! It sucks to move, but it will be so much better when we do - we will get to garden again (nothing grows under redwoods, but our little house will be away from some of them), and it is insulated. Ha!

    Mark does such a great job with the candles. I should say it's all his baby, I'm just helping him sell them by putting them on the site, taking pictures, etc. He really works so hard. I hope that we'll have lots of candles in the coming months.