Thursday, March 29, 2012

Almost done...

The end of the latest major journey is in sight. We are almost finished with moving and I think we will get cleaners to finish the rest which will really help. This Sunday can't come soon enough!

Missing talking and thinking about jewelry and art.

Xxx Juliette

Friday, March 23, 2012

Work in progress.

I am searching for a good organization 'box', something like a printer's type box. I know someone on Etsy sells them (well I have seen lots but have bought from her so will probably again), but judging from this work space it would surely come in handy today!

This piece is still coming along. The main part is recycled beehive, then there is a tooth from an herbivore of some sort, paper, steel wire and a very cool button. Still playing.
Xoxo Juliette 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Started some bangles!

These got my night off to a good start. Many more to come but first, drinks with a friend!

Hmmm, maybe more bangles should wait until tomorrow, hah.

Energy is waning...for now.

Well, it IS the New Moon and  next Tuesday I have my next infusion, both of which should bring more energy.  There is so much to do and I'm wishing I were on the other side already.  Yeah.

I have a new gallery intake on April 1, which means I have to get everything done this weekend and leave Mark with the moving for a while so I can get my work in.  But then, it's full steam ahead for the new commission piece!!  Can't WAIT to post more about it and the collaboration process.

Having a bag of projects and tools on the coffee table during the moving process has kept me sane.  So have all of you.  I read your blogs before bed and during the noon/meds process. 

Oooh, has anyone worked with epoxy clay?  I'm interested in trying it out in assemblage work.

xxx Juliette

My British Blue, Lapis - trying to be inconspicuous.  HAH!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Between moving, rain and jewelry, I need to focus.

Didn't want to do any packing today.  I needed to work on art, do something creative, to let go of the stress caused by moving.  Because the studio is AGAIN too cold and damp, I moved to the coffee table.  This place is SO frustrating in that you can't use 50% of the space in the winter, due to incredibly poor insulation.  In a week and a half, we will be in dry and warm quarters, and I can't wait.  But it doesn't stop the need to create, to keep going with these ideas, and to dream.

Here's some of what  work was done today (and through the past week):

Tightened the weaving on the right earring.  Am liking where these are going.

These came so naturally.  They literally came from the can of chickpeas I had in my salad on Wednesday, as well as some steel wire and beads.  Kickass.

speaking to me, baby.

the words are coming.

City of Beehive parts!  So organically borne, and so beautiful to see.  I know which hives these came from.

How would you see these utilized?  I see them in a strong sculpted necklace, almost like a hammered torque type of neck piece.  Still playing with the small pieces, but when we move I will play around with the 'neckwear.'

Realizing my limits.  Meaning I really shouldn't try too many  new things just as we are moving.  Our old house is torn apart, I'm using the coffee table as my makeshift work bench, and my poor husband has no where to sit other than where I clear a space.  As it is, I'm typing stretched out on the bed with a brandy.  It's too damned cold to go anywhere else, unless I sit right in front of the heater.  This is fine for now.

Happy Sunday night - xoxo, Juliette

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ides of March

It's the Ides of March, and I can't believe it - we are MOVING in two weeks!!!

These are 'beehive parts.'  I love calling them that, because they DID come from a beehive.  They are the essential brackets that hold the hive together (well, the fabricated part.  Bees create their own mortar).

The next two weeks will be a bit on the busy side, but this blog, my friends and art keep me centered so I will be here, just maybe more brief than I would prefer.

xoxo, your friend Juliette

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pouring rain...

I have had to move projects into the living room in order to work as it is the only room in the house that is warm. I can't WAIT until April 1, when we are officially in what we hope will be our home for several years! It has light! Warmth! Gardening! Studio space!

So the next few weeks will be focused on moving and correspondence. Come April, lots more pieces, techniques to discuss, and Open Studios!

Off to Santa Cruz in the morning. Then gallery sitting in the afternoon.

Xoxo for now!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My little table at my first Art Fair.

It looks so small.  And yet so much work goes into these fairs, it's incredible.  On the 'other side' of this fair, I have learned a lot about what people look at, what they look for, and what might sell at which fair.  Things I really didn't think much about, and really had to experience to find out if this is something I might do again.

I learned:

- that some of my work probably won't sell at all at these fairs, BUT that people really seem to like to talk about my pieces and ask questions.

- that people really respond to my use of copper, recycled materials, and beeswax in a positive way.

- that I might sell some other items at these fairs if I am interested in exploring suggestions.  One of them that made me think 'hmm, maybe!' was a request for wine 'stoppers.'  They might be pretty cool to do!

- that if I want to sell at these fairs in the summer, I might have really look for the shows that are catered towards audiences that will buy my things, OR offer more of a variety of items.

- that there are a LOT of beautiful classy little old ladies in a 30 mile radius who adore art and have cash. 

- that there continues to be no end of incredible talent in these mountains.  I've made some incredible friends so far and am loving this community!

- that I will try this again.  Definitely.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Nighty night.

Am planning on taking pictures at the festival tomorrow. We shall see if this is something I want to do again. You have to try it once, then you can decide, at least that is my opinion.

This is Lapis and Esme. We wish you a good night.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


The last week has been spent getting ready for an arts festival.  I've never done this before, only sold online and in galleries.  It is SO MUCH WORK.  Holy crap. With that said, I think I'm ready.  Wondering if I'll do this again.........

This will have to do (trial run on the washer). Will take pictures at the festival.

Mess, glorious mess!!
Off to watch Hugo (the film). xoxo

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Beautiful sunny day

I was able to bring my paints outside and paint some pieces for next Saturday's show.  I have to alternate between cleaning, packing and getting ready for the show, in addition to making the pieces for Doug Masury's commission.  We finally met yesterday and started talking about what he wants for the tapestry.  I'll be making 15-20 brass, copper, aluminum and bronze leaves and twigs for a 4 foot square piece.  Can't wait to show his work here - it's museum stuff. 

My Etsy shop is suffering.  There are only about 23 items there, and most of it has been there forever.  UGH!  I need to get it moving.  There is so much inventory out in the gallery that will be going into the Etsy shop (whatever doesn't sell will go onto Etsy, in other words), plus all the NEW pieces that are coming together slowly and surely.

More tonight or tomorrow - I still have about an hour's worth of good usable sunlight.  :)

More of our candles!!  Hope to have them up on the site soon.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Out of the woods, only metaphorically.

I'm feeling SO much better.  Figured out what part of it was, mainly that I have been waiting for one of my meds to arrive in the mail and have had to 'ration' out the remaining pills until they arrived.  They arrived yesterday, and I had a full dose last night.  Hmmm, funny that.  I feel MUCH better. :)

Am meeting Doug, the incredible textile artist.  I'll be working on metal leaves for his next tapestry.  I can't wait!  We're meeting tomorrow.  Will post pictures if I can.

The remainder of this week is full of getting new work out, preparing for next Saturday's show, and working on Doug's commission. 

Oh, and we are moving!  The end of the month.  About 5 miles away to an incredibly beautiful little house.  With insulation. :P

Love, Juliette

Look!  Beeswax candles! :)  Mark makes these, and some of you will be receiving recycled beehive materials <3