Thursday, February 23, 2012

Note to self: Simplicity!

So I was doing my gallery sitting yesterday and got out a few of what I've tended to call 'tacky' displays for necklaces.  They have drawers full of them for people to use.  I started to play around with the jewelry I have at the gallery, and DAMN.  All of a sudden you can see the work I have on display!  Sometimes I feel like such an idiot, but this is a learning game.  Look at this, for example:

granted, it was taken with my Android in full daylight.
The piece on the right is mine, and it's in the front window of the gallery.  I don't know if you can see the mishmosh just behind it (the collection of chains and copper pieces), but THAT is the display I made for this show.  My theme for this show was 'Cirque' and all the pieces had a Cirque feel to them, and the display was a handmade serpent.  But you can't see anything!  As soon as I started to take them off the serpent (I love my serpent, whaaa!), everything was visible.

Simplify, Juliette.


  1. Indeed...the "tacky" display piece really shows off the necklace. Good call! :)

  2. Thanks so much, Lela. With two shows coming up soon, I'm going to change display 'tactics'. ;) Still not sold on the 'tacky' piece (okay, let's call it the 'classic black display', ha), but am learning what to do and what doesn't work, no matter HOW much I like it. The gallery owner actually said, sell the serpent, it looks like another art piece! (not going to, heh heh)

  3. you see it so often but often times not in your own things....especially I see it in photos.
    Aren’t you lovin life at Fanci’s? Isn’t it like the coolest club you ever belonged too? You should
    sell your beeswax in your shop and market it to the “girls” it has a handmade aspect and I love the idea of beeswax from someone you know. Anyhow can’t wait to see what the exchange brings. I ‘m off to the Costa Mesa bead show...i know ..I just sold some stuff so now its off to spend it on what else??? Beads and things...Cheers and so good hanging withcha..c