Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Musing aloud here.

So I'm thinking about how much time I tend to spend on 'refreshing' and 'liking' things on Etsy, all for the sake of more prominence. I am confident about my pieces, but I also know that there are thousands of other talented designers on Etsy.  I'm thinking of focusing more on outside, 'in person' shows and using Etsy for my online presence or 'store'.  But not trying so hard to promote it as I have been.

Eh, time to run to the store and then into the studio.  Be back later. :)


  1. Juliette,

    Lately I've been thinking the opposite--to open an etsy shop rather than doing shows. The shows are really a lot of work. There's the travel and food costs, and many times I need someone to help me carry and set up the heavy stuff. Also there's so many other jewelry sellers around my area, especially the mass made stuff like Cookie Lee, Silpada, cheap stuff from China, etc. I just can't compete with them. I do home shows which are much easier, and plan to get my jewelry in some shops and galleries this year. It's always a guessing game.

    1. Hey, Alice - definitely food for thought. And I should probably mention that I seriously can't afford to do a lot of the summer shows around here, including Open Studios which just raised their fees to $200, bastards! (just kidding about the bastards part, but that's impossibly high to me)

      I have my things in one place, other than Etsy right now - and it's a local art gallery. There is another one interested in showing my work and they are having a show in March, and I just said 'yes' to the show. That's huge for me as I've only done one other show before. Baby steps!

      I don't think I could do the show circuit, as my Aunt does. She's been making Native American jewelry for 40 years, and knows what she's doing - but I'm not in that 'mindset'. :)

      I am going to stretch my wings and am entering a juried show in San Francisco, which is what I'm working on this week. We'll see. I have to push forward.

  2. i was so going to comment on this yesterday, i don't know what happened. I guess I thought I was going to ramble. Anyway, what I was going to say is that I find it more rewarding selling in person. A bad day at the farmer's market would be an outstanding week with Etsy. As you can see I'm trying to bring my photos up to snuff for Etsy but for all that work I sell them more easily when people can see them in person and they tend to just sit there online unless you're one of those types that has built up a solid following, Mine tend to be FB friends that will put dibs on pieces before I list on Etsy. I think my new focus on selling my homemade supplies may have more success on Etsy. if I don't keep on using the pieces in my own work that is.. I tend to highgrade through my selling stash. Thanks for stopping by with your input today.
    xoxo KIm

    1. Kim! Thanks for your notes too. I do appreciate what you are saying. I get bashful, I admit, and am not a great seller. It's weird, I wish someone else could sell my things for me. But I have to get over that! :P