Saturday, February 25, 2012

I've got chills, and I'm not singing a song from Grease.

Ugh.  I can't get warm, and it's freaking me out.  Granted our house IS cold and we have devised ways to deal with it (can't WAIT to move, only a few more weeks), but I've caught a chill.  I'm going to pile on the clothes and blankets and get rid of it.  No time to be sick!!

Anyway, I'm getting ready for a new show on March 10, and today started preparing a lot of tin pieces.  This picture isn't great because the light is weird today and I had my Android camera which used flash.

These are waiting to be filed, beaten to a pulp, oxidized and given a patina or two.
Here are a few other things progressing nicely:

This piece is already listed, but I tried it out on a black background.  Really different!  Love all the lint.  HAH

Alexander Calder Meets Miles Davis.  Excuse the lint on these - I borrowed these displays from the gallery until I could get my own. :P

Dragon Scales. Honestly, I think this will be dismantled and turned into more Pope's Hats.  I am loving Mitres (am not officially calling them Pope's Hats) so much I'm keeping the first pair but these could make two more pairs.

Alchemy I, Fire painted brass and copper.

These I'm keeping for myself. But they now have pieces hanging from them, and I'll take a picture tomorrow.  I'm keeping them because they only have one hole at the top and to be evenly spaced they need two, which the Dragon Scales do.

Okay, off to get toasty warm. xoxoxoxo


  1. Hope your chills are better! And wow..lots going on for you. I can't wait to see what you do to all that tin you've got cut. :)

    "Alexander Calder Meets Miles Davis" hehe. Cool piece!

    1. Thanks so much, you. :) The chills are a bit better, but laying low today so hoping that will help.

      The tin is really pushing me, as I've not used a lot before. I get excited cutting out pieces of it and imagining what I can do - still getting used to it, though. I'm such a metal geek - LOVE pounding out the 'corrugated' parts! :D

    2. Lela, I keep meaning to ask you - I LOVE your name, and was wondering - do you pronounce your first name "Layla" or "Leela" or neither? :D

    3. Aww, thank you! That's nice... my name is pronounced Leela. :)

  2. Those dragon scales/ pope's hats are wonderful. I kind of like the way tshey look linked up like that but maybe too long for earrings. I hope you warm up. I hate being cold which is kind of funny considering I spent over 30 winters in Alaska but the houses tend to be really warm. Keep up the good work and enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    xoxo Kim

    1. Kim! Thanks, you :)

      You know, the Dragon Scales were originally designed to be a focal for a choker, with the Pope's Hats being accompanying earrings. The idea was better than the actuality, and I was bummed. So I am envisioning taking apart the Dragon Scales to create two sets of Pope Hats. Was going to take photos today but am still feeling a little under the weather. Curling up on the bed with cats, typing away is doing me good! ;)

      I imagine that Alaskan houses WOULD be warm. I could tell you horror stories about this house, but they depress me and I think I'll keep them for now. Suffice it to say, we have lived in mountains for years, both in America and Europe, and have never lived in a house so ill-built or kept. The landlady should be ashamed.

      xoxo Juliette

  3. Hi, Kate from Quisnam here.
    Just to let you know I’ve nominated you for an Awesome Blogger Award.
    Check out for more info. And, as I said in my blog, if you have the time and the inclination to follow the criteria for the Awesome Blogger Award that’s super but please don’t feel obliged and don’t feel in the least bit guilty if you don't wish to.

  4. Acck, Kate beat me to it! I'm nominating you again as well. And hoping you feel better fast!