Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good stuff and new directions.

So - the class I signed up for was not what I expected.  It was very basic, and took me 1 1/2 hours to get there (holy cow! How did I NOT realize how long it would take from where we live?)

However, in two weeks I start a jewelry-making lab for six Saturday classes at the college instead (changed class). So will start school again in two weeks! :)

This Tuesday I'll be bringing a lot of new pieces to the gallery, along with a new display piece (if it's done in time).  I spent the weekend annealing and oxidizing metals, and 'papier mache-ing' the new display.  Wish I could still work out there, but it's too dark in the studio for proper lighting! 

Here is some of the work I've been doing:

nickel silver, fire painted, annealed and prisma color.

copper and patina.

oxidized copper and nickel silver.

oxidized copper, sterling, brass and antique bone.

copper and patina on leather cord.  Reversible.

copper and patina.  Love these, so simple but they turned out beautifully!

brass and patina.  Still trying to work out design for these.

connected nickel silver and copper - was going to be a necklace, but it doesn't hang straight so not sure yet.

I jokingly call these my pope hat earrings.  :D  They're not done yet, am hoping to hang something on the bottoms but haven't decided what yet.

Had a great time avoiding the Superbowl. :)  Hope you had a great weekend!!

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