Saturday, February 25, 2012

I've got chills, and I'm not singing a song from Grease.

Ugh.  I can't get warm, and it's freaking me out.  Granted our house IS cold and we have devised ways to deal with it (can't WAIT to move, only a few more weeks), but I've caught a chill.  I'm going to pile on the clothes and blankets and get rid of it.  No time to be sick!!

Anyway, I'm getting ready for a new show on March 10, and today started preparing a lot of tin pieces.  This picture isn't great because the light is weird today and I had my Android camera which used flash.

These are waiting to be filed, beaten to a pulp, oxidized and given a patina or two.
Here are a few other things progressing nicely:

This piece is already listed, but I tried it out on a black background.  Really different!  Love all the lint.  HAH

Alexander Calder Meets Miles Davis.  Excuse the lint on these - I borrowed these displays from the gallery until I could get my own. :P

Dragon Scales. Honestly, I think this will be dismantled and turned into more Pope's Hats.  I am loving Mitres (am not officially calling them Pope's Hats) so much I'm keeping the first pair but these could make two more pairs.

Alchemy I, Fire painted brass and copper.

These I'm keeping for myself. But they now have pieces hanging from them, and I'll take a picture tomorrow.  I'm keeping them because they only have one hole at the top and to be evenly spaced they need two, which the Dragon Scales do.

Okay, off to get toasty warm. xoxoxoxo

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Note to self: Simplicity!

So I was doing my gallery sitting yesterday and got out a few of what I've tended to call 'tacky' displays for necklaces.  They have drawers full of them for people to use.  I started to play around with the jewelry I have at the gallery, and DAMN.  All of a sudden you can see the work I have on display!  Sometimes I feel like such an idiot, but this is a learning game.  Look at this, for example:

granted, it was taken with my Android in full daylight.
The piece on the right is mine, and it's in the front window of the gallery.  I don't know if you can see the mishmosh just behind it (the collection of chains and copper pieces), but THAT is the display I made for this show.  My theme for this show was 'Cirque' and all the pieces had a Cirque feel to them, and the display was a handmade serpent.  But you can't see anything!  As soon as I started to take them off the serpent (I love my serpent, whaaa!), everything was visible.

Simplify, Juliette.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Musing aloud here.

So I'm thinking about how much time I tend to spend on 'refreshing' and 'liking' things on Etsy, all for the sake of more prominence. I am confident about my pieces, but I also know that there are thousands of other talented designers on Etsy.  I'm thinking of focusing more on outside, 'in person' shows and using Etsy for my online presence or 'store'.  But not trying so hard to promote it as I have been.

Eh, time to run to the store and then into the studio.  Be back later. :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New things brewing...

But I am on my Droid and it's not allowing me to post my pictures for some reason! Was up late last night making ceramic beads, which will be fired later this week.

Lots to work on and blog tomorrow, hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night I'm going to the house of a dear friend and talented artist, Robin of Birdsong Designs.  We will have dinner, drinks and work on ceramic beads.  I'm really happy about this because I've not made my own ceramic beads for my jewelry before.  It should be fun, and I'll post pictures of the beads, etc. :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Work in progress.

Finally got some pictures taken, and a bit of work laid out for the week. I've got lots of recycled metals to work with, and am getting ready to do a load of ceramic beads this weekend!

Here's what I'm working on at the moment:
Brass and sterling, with patina.

Haitian drummer inside a recycled beehive part (aluminum framing), with copper, brass and old clock parts.

Prisma Color and Copper.  LOVE Prisma color but need to do more of it as I still don't have 'the hang of it yet.'

A work in progress.  Floating copper window, with patina and brass chain.

Hoping to make this a big pendant - it's about 4 by 3 inches.  Copper, first flame painted then a patina applied.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good stuff and new directions.

So - the class I signed up for was not what I expected.  It was very basic, and took me 1 1/2 hours to get there (holy cow! How did I NOT realize how long it would take from where we live?)

However, in two weeks I start a jewelry-making lab for six Saturday classes at the college instead (changed class). So will start school again in two weeks! :)

This Tuesday I'll be bringing a lot of new pieces to the gallery, along with a new display piece (if it's done in time).  I spent the weekend annealing and oxidizing metals, and 'papier mache-ing' the new display.  Wish I could still work out there, but it's too dark in the studio for proper lighting! 

Here is some of the work I've been doing:

nickel silver, fire painted, annealed and prisma color.

copper and patina.

oxidized copper and nickel silver.

oxidized copper, sterling, brass and antique bone.

copper and patina on leather cord.  Reversible.

copper and patina.  Love these, so simple but they turned out beautifully!

brass and patina.  Still trying to work out design for these.

connected nickel silver and copper - was going to be a necklace, but it doesn't hang straight so not sure yet.

I jokingly call these my pope hat earrings.  :D  They're not done yet, am hoping to hang something on the bottoms but haven't decided what yet.

Had a great time avoiding the Superbowl. :)  Hope you had a great weekend!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

So much to share!

I got a lot done today with the exception of blogging ;)

Hopefully tomorrow I will have lots of pictures to share, as well as stories to accompany them!

Until tomorrow,